Hon. Mai Mala Buni Felicitates With Buhari @ 76 Birthday

Hon. Mai Mala Buni Felicitates With Buhari @ 76 Birthday

Sir, as you are blessed with additional year to the worthy years spent in work and worship, I join millions of Nigerians in wishing you a very happy birthday.

May you have many more years and sound health to be able to accomplish the assigned mission: leading us to the “NEXT LEVEL”

You are valued beyond measure and loved beyond words.

You are the best leader the country is blessed with.

I am very proud of you and your selfless services and trebdous achievements within this short period.

You have been a role model and an example of selfless sacrifice to this generation and we proud to have you as someone worthy of emulating.

“We are the change that we seek”

Sir, you have proven yourself to be a leader of high ethics and morality and have exhibited uncommon wisdom, remarkable vision and exemplary leadership.

I wish you peace, good health and happiness.

Thank you for your brave and fearless leadership, I hope that you have a day of joy and rest on your birthday, sir.

Hon, Mai Mala Buni also uses this opportunity to plead to Nigerians to be law abiding, emphasising that for Nigeria to achieve a sustainable development, there must be peace unity and equity, irrespective of region, religion, tribe, ethnic background or political affiliation.

Once again happy birthday Mr. President, Sir.

Long Live the Federal Republic of Nigeria
Long Live. Nigerians

Haruna Yusuf Abuja

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