Literati: Bindow, the will be sheikh el-Sudan technocratic politician of zakir order and matters arising

Literati: Bindow, the will be sheikh el-Sudan technocratic politician of zakir order and matters arising

By Dr Adamu Muhammad Dodo

* Bindow would want to maintain his parents’ legacy: generosity and religiosity for salvation to eternity – Poet

* President Omar El-Bashir of Sudan is technically toppled by the military, barely 24 hours after governor Bindow’s declaration of intention to go to Sudan for study. With the perceived unrest, Senegal can be beffiting for the mission of the zakir leader – Kahlil

Governor Muhammadu Umaru Jibrilla Bindow of Adamawa state did not only thank the entire citizens, he commended Adamawa people for the patience, cooperation, support and understanding he enjoyed throughout his trying period in leadership that lasted for eight years.
hoping also that it would go beyond, with a renewed mandate, even after conceding to defeat. Why the thoughtful hope and/or how hopeless thought?

The first four years was as a senator representing the northern senatorial zone of Adamawa state. While the second four years was as a governor who would threaten to dethrone a seeming unapologetic, rather unrepentant to being apolitical monarch of Mubi Emirate, should the monarch failed to do the bidding of the governor against his principle, against the stool, joining partisan politics, supporting the non performing subjects, for representational assignment.

The monarchs must ensure that the threat did not come to pass against anyone of them, by destroying it from the initiation stage, filed and locked under cabinet with “indiscipline, arrogance and disrespect of constituted traditional authority” inscription.

The issues of the alleged broken promises, being economical with the truth and deceit, are added to the disrespect of elders, gave birth to “O Jippa tan” slogan championed by a strategist, a man of wisdom, hero Nyako, whom the kids echoed “Baba Maimangoro”.

“O jippa tan,” meaning “he must go down,” he should be voted out because enough is enough, was made virile on social media, music and kids play, celebrating a defeat against incumbency.

The “o jippa tan” slogan was introduced by Admiral Nyako at Jalingo-Maiha district, Maiha local government area of Adamawa state, during his consultation tour round the entire local government areas of Adamawa state, strategically planting a political thorn on the path of Bindow for a self-succession to Dougirei hill.

The indigenes of Jalingo-Maiha district, more than others anywhere, except perhaps Michika, are humiliated by the government that is aimed at destroying the legitimacy of their ages old monarchy, distorting civilisation by obnoxious falsification of history with unfounded myth, after having repainted a cottage hospital said to be built by the Nyako led government, the only Bindow led visible activity in Maiha within eight years tenure as senator and governor.

The indigenes of Jalingo-Maiha, have therefore, taken the “enough is enough” position, long before the “o jippa tan” political assault could get to be launched. It therefore, made smooth the echo spread across the entire state with every street miming the rhyme like a hymn in paradox leading not to paradise.

In an attempt to ridicule the “o jippa tan” slogan, the governor, yet to sense defeat, challenged, during campaign that; “be vi mi jippa, kadi leggal mangoro mi va’ii na?

“Mi jippata sam”.

Meaning that; “they said I must come down, do I climb mangrove tree?

“I’m not coming down. No shaking. Is that not so?” The governor would remark.

Bindow supporters, some of whom have found beffiting, a seeming sponsored vocation, insulting anyone who was not on the same page with their principal, would echo “yes wo! No shaking. Not until 2023”.

They would further remark that “it’s a 4 + 4 done deal, signed and sealed.”

The Periscope Global political angle kept asking a rather never to be answered question; “done deal! Signed and sealed by what class of stakeholders?”

The never retreating Baba Maimangoro, would reiterate that “ko leggal mangoro o wa’ii, o jippan.”

Crudely but not cruelly translated to mean, even if it’s mangrove tree that he (Bindow the governor) has climbed, he must be catastrophically catapulted down.

Yes! Marrie Ann Jafferson has added the Modi mood and Aisha’s articulations.

Dr. Mahmud Halilu Ahmad Modi would not be toyed with as though a yo-yo. Modi’s bounced back was devastating, debilitating what the “mediumship” diviners could not contemplate before tempting Modi’s critical wits; manipulating the party primary election to weed him out.

Could Dr. Aisha PMB tolerate the Bindow’s eulogy transmitted by a Kannywood singer that: “Bindow, Bindow, gomnan ki dole…”

Meaning “it is a must Bindow is your governor…”

Dr. Aisha would simply spell out critical criteria for good governance, quality control for a future assured and the characteristics of a worthy leader beyond arrogance, ignorance. deceit, lies, false promises, breaking salary treaty among other tragic flaws of a tragic hero, for leadership.

Only the governor could tell what could have influenced his unbelievable thought that elites, intellectuals or the educated, should no longer take the governorship of Adamawa, when a doomed or ruined society, remains that led by the ignorant from among its


Before the clergies, the Imams the congregation and the followers, the governor directed with seeming dictatorial stance that, he must be voted for, even if for nothing, at least for visiting the worshipping places like trading places to canvas for votes. “You must vote for me,” he would say.

Having eventually resigned to faith, perhaps for a superior gain, submitting to what is fated, the defeated governor recognised that precious power and authority, beyond arrogance and pride, belong to God alone. He gives to and takes away anytime, from whoever he wishes to.

However, the critical thinking Kahlil, like his namesake Gibran, would want to grab an understanding, granting this question for a gracious comment:

Bindow was quoted to have said that he was a senator for a four year term and a governor for a four year term, it could even be two terms of eight years as a governor, no one could tell as leadership belonged to God.

It was insinuated that the governor must be armed with whatever gave him the confidence to conceive a hopeful thought that he could succeed himself after having conceded to defeat.

The Wayward or the Weird sisters also referred to as the Three Witches in William Shakespeare’s Macbeth, kept conspiratorially insisting that “Macbeth shall be king.” Drown by the hypnotic stream of overambition, the tragic hero, was eventually, led not to the throne for the king but to self-damnation for the kill.

“This does not make a good lead,” Kahlil would kicked it away.

“Could it be that the governor is conditioned to the prophesy of the marauding marabouts?” Kahlil would contemplate.


MRDD’s governorship candidate Rev Eric Theman known as Dollars, challenged the legitimacy of the gubernatorial election in Adamawa state, before a state high court sitting in Yola, for the failure of the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC’s to include the logo of his party in the Adamawa governorship ballot paper for the gubernatorial election held on March 9. He would want a fresh governorship election to be conducted for the state.

The case was squashed, lacking substantial evidence with however a window opening to file an appeal before a federal appeal court within 90 days, should the MRDD and his candidate not satisfied with the high court ruling.

Eric Dollars and MRDD said, they have finalised all arrangements to head to court of appeal to challenge the high court ruling on the legitimacy of the governorship election in Adamawa state.

“Could it be the reason for the governor’s thoughtful hope that he would succeed himself with the fresh governorship election, should MRDD and Dollars eventually, win the case against INEC?” Kahlil would ask. Jump that.

Bindow’s dream was to have a peaceful and mutual coexisting Adamawa state, devoid of insecurity. He said during the radio programme Wednesday.

However, Bindow’s dream has left a question of what efforts he has made to translate the dream to reality?

“There is the ‘yan shilla terrorism in Jimeta and Yola. The shilla oppression is eventually said to be significantly subsided, only after the gubernatorial and the state assembly elections.

“Abductions for ransom are soaring across the state. To this day, there’s no even evidenced public pronouncement by the state government against it.

“There were insurgents attacks on Michika and Madagali and tribesmen vs herdsmen conflict around Numan federation, extended to parts of Mayo-Belwa, reaching to a border between Adamawa with Taraba and beyond; Villages are razed down, properties destroyed, herds of grazing cattle roasted and rustled, an inestimable lives lost, yet the governor hasn’t visited, making reason for not extending his campaign train to the said communities.

“These question the governor’s sincerity, the dream of having a peaceful Adamawa against mutual mistrust,” An electorate from Michika lamented.

Adamawa is a state led by elites. The allied forces of the educated, have politically fought to reclaim the legitimacy, integrity and the value worth of knowledge against the governor who declared that never again would, “‘yan boko,” meaning, “the elites,” lead the state.

“It seems that governor Bindow has now understand the meaning of knowledge and the use to which it could get to be put to succeed, having resolved to upgrade his knowledge after the handing over the mantle of leadership to the alliance of elites supported, on May, 29.” Kahlil would say.

It is said that governor Bindow spent only about N25b for the entire roadworks in the state. Reasonable you could say, when asking about the quality of the built roads.

There are however said to be, about N25b outstanding payments for pensioners, about N17b outstanding payments for leave grands making the total outstanding sum of N42b the Periscope Global Investigate would want to verify.

“Could Bindow afford to settle these outstanding obligations, Fintiri the governor elect would want to have settled before the May 29 handing over or it will remain a ‘hanging over?'” Caleb an electorate would ask, bearing in mind from Ngilari, Bindow inherited the use of overdraft to be able to pay workers’ salaries in the state.

It is said that “Adamawa loan hits N150b”.

However, disregarding the claim, a Bindow supporter said, the loan claim was an exaggeration aimed at campaign of calumny against his principal.

“What I heard is, there’s the N30b loan accessed by the local government authorities across the state during the Nyako administration. There’s another N35b loan sourced By Nyako, Fintiri and Ngilari as governors. When you add up, it gives you N65b loan.

“How do you want me to believe that governor Bindow alone accessed the sum of N85b just within four years of his tenure?” He asked.

The Periscope Global Investigate is however yet to authenticate the actual position of the loan.

If however, the position remains as it is, it will mean that Fintiri could find it so difficult. Therefore, the road to Sudan would have unbearable potholes for the journey, yet there is the need for the religious knowledge with a view to sustaining the zakir leadership.

Bindow would want to maintain his parents’ legacy: generosity and religiosity for salvation to eternity.

In Kahlil Gibran’s poem “The Prophet,” page 90 of the translated version I have, reads:

“And an old priest said, Speak to us of religion.”

“And he said:

“Have I spoken this day of aught else?

“Is not religion all deeds and all reflection,

“And that which is neither deeds and all reflection, but a wonder and a surprise ever springing in the soul, even while the hands hew the stone or tend the loom?

“Who can separate his faith from his actions, or his belief from his occupations?

Who can spread his hours before him saying,

“‘This for God and this for myself; This for my soul and this other for my body?’

“All your hours are wings that beat through space from self to self.

“He who wears his morality but as his best garment were better naked.

“The wind and the sun will tear no holes in his skin.

“And he who defines his conduct by ethics imprisons his song-bird in a cage.

“The freest song comes not through bars and wires,

“And he to whom worshipping is a window, to open but also to shut, has not yet visited the house of his soul whose Windows are from dawn to dawn.

“Your daily life is your temple and your religion.

“Whenever you enter into it take with your all.

“Take the plough the forge and the mallet and the lute,

“Things you have fashioned in necessity or for delight.

“For in reverie you cannot rise above your achievements, nor fall lower than your failures.

“And take with you all men:

“For in adoration you cannot fly higher than their hopes nor humble yourself lower than their despair.

“And if you would know God, be not therefore a solver of riddles.

“Rather look about you and you shall see Him playing with your children.

“And look into space; you shall see Him walking in the cloud, outstretching His arms in the lightning and descending in rain.

“You shall see Him smiling in flowers, then rising and waving His hands in trees.”

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