Adamawa: Nigeria to host refugees from Cameroon in Maiha

Adamawa: Nigeria to host refugees from Cameroon in Maiha

Indigenous displaced persons occupying tents in refugee camp cited in Maiha local government area, northern senatorial zone of Adamawa state, northeast Nigeria, were given an informal notice to vacate the camp in anticipation of displaced persons mostly women, numbering over one thousand guests, for a conservative guess, from Cameroon Republic, a resident in Maiha close to the local government authority, would reveal to the Periscope Global Reporting Insurgency.

The refugees, it was gathered, would be flown from Cameroon Republic to Yola, Adamawa state Tuesday, where they would be subjected to screenings before being transferred to the refugee camp in Maiha.

Adamawa senatorial zone records pockets of Boko Haram attacks, especially, around Michika and Madagali local government areas. Maiha surfers kidnapping for ransom as much as it has posed security threat to the state.

Governor Bindow could not not only pay April salary halfway through to the end of May, he expressed interest in action, to travel to Saudi Arabia Saturday, when it is not yet May 29 for Fintiri the governor elect to authoritatively take the control of leadership rather automatically. These opened window for the floodgates of reaction.

The indigenous displaced by insurgency, were by the quit notice, displaced in Maiha IDP camp, to be replaced by yet another but international displaced from another country. Without job security, even if applied entrepreneurship, where would the indigenous second degree displaced persons persons go? Now that they are asked to vacate from the camp, what would remain their fate?

How effective and would security biff-up be, how long the internationally displaced persons remain at the IDP camp in Maiha?

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