Octogenarian bags MSc at LASU

Octogenarian bags MSc at LASU

Pa Adio Igboro 80, was amongst those that bagged a master degree, MSc in International Relations Friday, from the Lagos State University (LASU).

Pa Igboro’s son, Usman who was overwhelmed by his father’s added feather, felt it was a worthy feat, fit for sharing to feast on.

The leader of the Media Against Impunity in Nigeria (MAIN) Prince Meshack Sharks Idehen, said it was a commendable effort that should be celebrated with adequate publicity as a corporate social responsibility.

Meshark, speaking to the Periscope Global’s Dodo, equally a MAIN member, said the octogenarian academic feat was a wakeup call on the youth to challenge laziness, parents to give a rethink on lackadaisical attitudes towards encouraging their wards to acquire sound education and the community to keep encouraging the aged against the thought that they are tired, but to actualise a worthy dream.

Meshark said that Igboro’s academic feat could be used to justify the saying that “age is nothing but a number,” with patience, determination, support and encouragement.

“At almost 81, Pa Igboro, whose experience I will be sharing in the coming days, talks about the “almost impossible challenges”, he went through to achieve this academic feat.

“In plain English, the morals, implications and meaning of this achievement should not be ignored: If Pa Igboro can do this, then we have no excuses.

“Like Pa Igboro’s son Usman, I’m overwhelmed. A good story to be marked for entry into the hopeful next level.” Meshark said.

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