Monarchy in Maiha: Another Eid El-Fitr without a district head, impostor, accomplices warn to keep off as their principal is kicked out

Monarchy in Maiha: Another Eid El-Fitr without a district head, impostor, accomplices warn to keep off as their principal is kicked out

From the Periscope literati

Month Ramadhan is coming to an end. Fasting has entered 29th day today, being Monday.

Eid El-Fitr to mark the end of Fasting in the month of Ramadhan could either be tomorrow, being Tuesday or the next day, being Wednesday.

The Federal government of Nigeria has since declared Tuesday 4th and Wednesday 5th June, 2019 as public holiday to mark the Eid El-Fitr festivities. The declaration has indeed zeroed the minds of many that month Ramadhan would end 29, though sighting of moon to introduce the month of would have to be announced.

Maiha, a local government area of Adamawa state, is referred by some men of wisdom from east who were engaged in the visit long before the creation of the local government area as the Madinah, obviously for being moulded into Madinah of Saudi Arabian model.

Maiha local government is a Muslim dominated. “It has a population of over 90℅ Muslims and irrespective of tribes, Maiha is a fulfulde speaking community,” Dauda will observe.

The people of Maiha, are peace loving, peacemaking and peacekeeping. They have, more than a century, been living in unity and mutual coexistence bred by intermarriages between and among the tribes before the renegades contemplated on battering, tattering, scattering and shattering the salient features, the elements and the spirit within the peaceful form.

The forceful attempt at disintegrating and hacking against the peace and unity; the twin pillars of the faith fervently professed by the faithfuls, would not be without moral challenge, definitive of legitimate resistance through legal means and media media for arbitration.

The legal tussle based on the legitimacy of the district headship of Jalingo Maiha, the host of the local government headquarters, between Barr. Mahmud Abubakar Suleiman the heir to the late district head the Ubandoma Mubi, whom the Mubi Emirate Council collectively selected and forwarded to the former governor Bindow for approval only, as was spelt out by law and Idi Wakili Shehu Usman a son of a village head whom 35 years old conspiracy suggested, should be used to sow the seeds of discord that saw to his appointment, by former governor Bindow as the district head in disregard of the Emirate Council’s recommendation, would remain an area of security interest.

A High Court sitting in Yola, Adamawa state, in its verdict on the Jalingo-Maiha district headship tussle, condemned the action of former governor Bindow against the Mubi Emirate Council, for appointing an illegitimate village-headed, to the district headship, by ordering the governor to approve Barr Mahmud the Emirate Council’s selected in tune with the popular choice as the legitimate district head, while restraining Idi Wakili from further parading himself as a district head.

Instead of honouring the court order, former governor Bindow was alleged to have sponsored Idi’s embarrassing defeat before the law for appeal and arrogantly counted on above the law stay of execution pending appeal; therefore, The High Court approved heir would not be sworn in to the throne, threatening the religious and cultural heritage against the UNESCO ideals.

Idi Wakili, alleged to have conceived that for governor Bindow as the chief executive was above the law to be answerable to any jury for being shielded under immunity clause and that the Emir of Mubi would not be indispensable provided that a council member, in the capacity of Madaki, would play the Judas with the executive against the judiciary, playing the impostor; engaging into romance with the contempt of court at whatever price, however violent, should be a reality show away from Shakespearean tragedy plays.

Going back memory lane, in justification of the above lines, Jalingo-Maiha would have been a theatre of war, last year, on Eid El-Fitr day, in addition to the ugly encounter, on the first Friday, after the of month of Shauwal, that is to say, the first Friday after the Eid El-Fitr festivities.

Idi Wakili Shehu Usman, the restrained district head, was alleged to have claimed that his appointment as district head of Jalingo-Maiha, by former governor Bindow, would not be restrained by any authority however judiciary. Therefore, those to pay homage, should be on homepage, else, a rampage against renegades to his dictates, however their gradings; a dictator stamp for a stampede against peace.
This formed the summary of his sermon after the 2018 Eid El-Fitr prayer, he superimposed himself to lead as self-and-bindow-imposed district head.

The would have been degenerated to anarchy threat, was thwarted by the efforts of the security operatives in Maiha and the DSS State Headquarters in Yola; questioning Idi’s threatening terrorism on the monarchy. In violation of the court injunction. This isn’t any conjecture.

There were court hearings for the appeal against the High Court ruling on the Monarchy in Maiha, as filed by Idi, alleged to be funded by Bindow. The last sitting issued an adjournment to June 11, 2019. However, Idi is perceived to have developed allergy to any respect of the law.

Despite the fact that governor Bindow would no longer “use immunity clause to shield injustice in romance with the contempt of law, the act of impostor, would by Idi, have to be rehearsed as the Periscope crime scene reporter will reveal, where it wrote: “Monarchy in Maiha, Court Ruling Beyond Bindow.”

Idi Wakili is alleged to be planning a 2019 Sallah assault, aimed at assassinating the unity, tearing the peace to pieces and murdering the mutual coexistence in Jalingo-Maiha, with a view to exporting the monarchy to extinct.

The development, Maunde would tell the Periscope, was generating tension in Maiha.

“The youth in Jalingo-Maiha said they would break the treaty with the passive peace and go for active option as protagonists to peace against its antagonism with a view to weeding illegitimacy out of the monarchy in Maiha.

“We’ll surely show Idi, the conspirators and the less than handful accomplices where they rightly belong, not even fit as court jesters, should they jettisoned our peaceful coexistence.

“Bindow promised him that come what may, Idi would be crowned as district head of Jalingo-Maiha, If Bindow won the second mandate. It turned out that he isn’t a worthy manager; Bindow was simply told, in this town, to “Jippa tan”. the echo should be enough for Idi to “dilla tan,” now that Bindow was humiliated at the poll.

“However, we trust and have confidence on and in the security agencies who have been working tirelessly to ensure peace in our community”.

On what could have informed the tension for any attention, one Ibi said it was owing to Idi’s romance with the contempt of court.

Ibi alleged that Idi has been attending every meeting and function of designated district heads of Mubi Emirates at Emirs palace Mubi with the authority of Madaki Mubi Emirate, Abubakar WAMBAI, reinforced by the former governor Bindow against the wishes of HRH the Emir of Mubi.

“Now that Bindow isn’t anywhere close to the seat of the seeming abused authority and the Madaki isn’t anywhere close to Mubi for any plea for rescue, you can imagine the mob action that could overwhelm his clueless supporters, if Idi Wakili should commit the 2018 error in 2019, by parading himself as a district head on Eid day because Idi the impostor, doesn’t have a day,” Ibi would say.

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