Land dispute: Njoboliyo deserted for fear of reprisal attack

Land dispute: Njoboliyo deserted for fear of reprisal attack

The Periscope literati

The Njoboliyo village is totally deserted for fear of reprisal attack especially at night, by the “merciless mercenaries alleged to be aligning with, in defence of the Njoboli community’ it was alleged.

The Njoboliyo Bata militia, were reported to have launched attack on their Fulani Njoboli community Sunday, over land dispute, which led to two family members sustaining injuries, with a house completely razed down.

The Njoboliyos, nursing the fear that their would be an allied warrior herdsmen for reprisal against their action, especially with the insinuation that the entire women, the aged and children were evacuated out of Njoboli town, living only the male members to protect their territory from incursion even if they should all go down, have decided to cross the river deserting their cherished community to escape death casualty and wanton destruction.

Some of the Njoboliyo villagers are said to have moved to Yola ancient city while others are on exile in Rugange among other scattered areas they remain squatting.

A middle aged woman among the Njoboliyo runaways, told the Periscope conflict resolution reporter, Wednesday in Yola that either the alleged allied merciless mercenary herdsmen or merely marabout made marauding bandits, taking undue advantage of the situation, having the entire village been deserted, found it a befitting booty breaking into shops and houses to help themselves with everything there was to take away including chickens, goats and other animals.

“This is really unfortunate, land dispute denies our freedom, robs our wealth, threatens our health and wants to put to stinking extinct, our existence. We’re now on a runaway, a refugees humiliated by land dispute we couldn’t define its limit.

“I only hope that the government can be proactive in intervening with a view to restoring peace and normalcy in the Njoboliyo and Njoboli communities,” the Njoboliyo woman lamented.

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