Bindow’s Window: Ministerial slot shutdown, governorship case to go

Bindow’s Window: Ministerial slot shutdown, governorship case to go

The Periscope literati

Supporter of Senator Muhammadu Umaru Jibrilla Bindow would be trying to justify that their hero has never been any failure but an achiever ever in Adamawa who was never to be defeated at any honest contest.

Though Bindow has conceded defeat that led to the swearing in of Fintiri as his successor, his supporters have found the scarce succour against the scores at the polling units that booted him out of government house unprepared, before the jury.

There was the insinuation from the supporters’ that the Periscope would have a renewed narrative when Bindow’s name would appear among President Muhammadu Buhari’s list of potential cabinet members. in fact, that Bindow would take over as minister of the capital territory “from the perceived passive Babangida who’s favoured but ignored returning favour to those in his immediate constituency,,”

The projection was, there would be two ministers each from Bauchi and Adamawa states. Though they could not have done anything significant to their states but owing to their integrity, the minister of Education Adamu Adamu from Bauchi and the FCT minister Mohammed Bello from Adamawa would be reappointed along with the APC defeated governors of the two states.

Well, the Bauchi’s Barr. Abdullahi Abubakar was said to have made the list of the ministers to compensate his governorship defeat, while General Buba Marwa Rtd, was said to have matched on, closing Bindow’s ministerial window together with Mohammed Bello from Adamawa state.

However, the supporters have a different narrative with reference to judiciary. They argued that Bindow has a winning case for his successful return to Dougirei hill, he would therefore, need no ministerial job.

“Governor Bindow’s name wouldn’t appear on the ministerial list because he has a strong case with a favoured judgement that will bring him back to Adamawa state government house to complete his second tenure; reclaiming his stollen mandate,” Bindow’s supporters would argue.

A literary critic would simply summarise the piece that Bindow has two windows, one is closed down, the other is court case to go, in redefining the new Adamawa between the 4+4 and the fresh air.

“It’s not over, not until it’s finally over. So, let’s go.

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