Opinion: APC National Secretary, after Buni Kukawa to come next

Opinion: APC National Secretary, after Buni Kukawa to come next

By Haruna Yusuf

The world is full of people we come across; many in our day-to-day interactions, most we forget and a very few we vividly remember, due to the built impression never forgotten and never to be pulled down.

Rt. Hon. Abdullahi Usman Kukuwa is that kind of person we remain never to forget to remember due to the registered first impression, which continued to manifest in his immeasurable contributions through space and time, to the development of Yobe and beyond, for a national impact.

Kukuwa lives a simple, selfless, fearless, fair and faithful to fate and family life. He thinks about others first before self..

Simply put, associating with or coming close to Kukawa will let you know about the personality, credibility, integrity and a personified philanthropy. A genius in generosity and a complete gentleman whose achievements seem genocidal to greed, inefficiency and ineffectiveness. An amiable one worthy to be associating with at all times.

Kukuwa is indeed a grassroot and dogged politician who began his political career as a dedicated civil servant; he served as a cashier to Gulani local govt council before indulging into politics and was elected as house of assembly member representing Gulani people at the Yobe state house of assembly.

Kukawa would not relent in proving his worthiness that attracted his reelection thrice to represent Gulani local government area.

The potential Kukuwa rose politically, through the maze of Yobe politics as an outstanding servant of no mean repute and achievement in representing his people at the state assembly as a diligent and dedicated servant.

Kukawa is an astute manager and diehard apologist who is sympathetic to the downtrodden hence endeared by the electorates who invited him for a national representation. Hearkening to the mandate call, he was eventually elected as a member representing Gulani, Tarwuwa, Gujba and Damaturu local government areas at the house of representatives.

Kukawa’s impact at the national assembly cannot be overemphasized, he chaired the house committee on public account and was also a member on house committee on public account, Nigeria Army, FCT, federal character commission in the house.

When you talk about filling a secretary’s gab at the APC National Secretary, Kukuwa’s overwhelming records speak volume. Being a three tenured house of assembly member and a tenured house of representative member, his 16yrs of legislative services are commendable, added to his other experience are enough for another rather secretarial assignment.

If only you are looking for someone who can fit into Buni’s large shoes, I’ll say, Kukuwa can follow the footprint of our Ex- legendary National secretary who is the present Governor of Yobe state. HE. Mai Mala Buni

It is easy to attest to my claims, check his political records and you’ll know that with his 16yrs of legislative services and commitment to his people and the state at large, Kukawa is a worthy candidate to fit into Buni’s large shoes to continue and consolidate his legacy

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