Hamman Kojoli commiserates with Fintiri over father’s death

Hamman Kojoli commiserates with Fintiri over father’s death

A Press Release

Alhaji Hamman Bello Ahmed (Hamman Kojoli) OFR. Comptroller General Nigeria Customs Service (Rtd), commiserated with governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri over the death of his father.

In a press release, Hamman Kojoli said the news the death came to him with a heavy heart.

“Your Excellency Rt Hon Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri the Governor of Adamawa State, please accept my heart felt condolence on the demise of your father Alh. Umaru Badami.

“The sad news of the incidence, which occurred on Sunday, July 25, 2019, came to me with heavy heart. However from Allah (SWT) comes humankind and to Him shall be the return (Innaalillah Wa Inna Ilaihi Rajiun)!” Hamman Kojoli moralised.

Kojoli said Badami has had a fulfilled life and accomplished mission; the ex serviceman who retired from the Nigerian Army in 1984, was respected as honest, gentle, peace loving, peacemaking and peacekeeping community leader for over three decades before his death at the age of 82

“A fulfilled octogenarian who is survived by worthy children; prominent among whom is Your Excellency the Governor of Adamawa state,” Kojoli said.

Kojoli lamented that well-trained children are but untainted treasure, a worthy investment (Sadakatul Jariyyah); the reaping in the great beyond is the constant prayers to the deceased parents for which should not be relented.

“My family and I have joined the Ummah in prayers for Allah (SWT) to forgive the weaknesses of your beloved father Alh. Umaru Badami; to reward his good deeds, elevate his status among the guided people and look after the family he has left behind.

“O Lord of the universe! forgive us and comfort the deceased, lighten and enliven his grave, make comfort his stay as we accompany him with prayers.

“O Allah (SWT) grant your servant Alhaji Umaru Badami Jannatul – Firdaus.

“Ameen thumma ameen,” Hamman Kojoli prayed.

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