Ladies Beware: Cultish Tricyclists Demand For Pant, Pad, for rituals

The Periscope Literati

You can call them Yahoo if you are in Lagos, ritualists or cultists depending on your geographical location in Nigeria that the forerunners to the Lucifer operate.

The cultists occupy the business of commercial tricycle called Keke Marwa in Lagos or Keke Napep in most parts of the country.

They migrate from robbing their passengers, especially ladies, of their handbags and handsets, to using poisonous sharp objects and coercively request that their lady passengers remove their pants and even pad, should in case one is discharging her monthly rituals and pass it to them; money is not an issue.

The moment they get what they requested from their lady passengers, off they go for the cultish rites, abandoning their victims in an isolated location instead of riding them to their destinations.

The moment this happens, the unfortunate victims will face challenges of some complicated rather incurable afflictions that are capable of terminating their journey from the tricycle to the grave, resulting from the quest for wealth, power and authority dictated by rituals, unless otherwise one is extremely prayerful, having strong faith in the Creator of the heavens and the earth, who is in ultimate control of everything therein.

Community leaders the Periscope interviewed, have cried fault, calling on people to keep on reporting suspicious people and the passengers to always be careful of strangers with questionable character in any kind of transport business.

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