Heretic Hate Speech: Insulting Prophet, Religion, Religious Leaders Unacceptable On the Periscope’s Wall

Adamu Muhammad Dodo wrote:

“I’m hit hard, ferociously stabbed, the pains resulting from the hate-of-my-faith pebble I’m pelted with, is metaphorically unbearable. Simply put, joining issue with my post, using my shared Facebook post without permission, a man who evangelised Muslim hate as a theology, called Bello Kiri has killed my spirit by insulting my Prophet.

“It is intolerable! Bello must be brought to book. He must face the law for the hate speech against Modibbo Adama and more particularly, for insulting Prophet Muhammad SAW ) while commenting on my piece, published in the Periscope and widely shared via social media with title:

“To change the name of MAUTech, you have to change Adamawa as the name of your state

“* Unscholarly, retrogressive tribesmen living in Adamawa hate Modibbo Adama.”

“A Nigerian an indigene of Adamawa in Diaspora, has some hours ago, called my attention to the posts below, in response my article, which I figure out to be religiously offensive.

Kiri must face the law. Facebook has this profile about him:

He is Bello Kiri Denz. Born October 17, 1960. Attended GMMC Yola. Went to FCE. Has been in FUT Yola; for acquiring knowledge without morality, with a mischievous, accused rather than excused character.

As a self-employed, Kiri is also an employee of Yola Model School. What do you think a man who insults Prophetic can teach students?

When I’m through with the findings about him, I’m heading to court

I hate to share it but for evidence, see below:

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