Shaming our faith, our heritage: where the Anti-Sanusi gets it wrong

By Adamu Muhammad Dodo

They give birth to children they send out for begging, hawking and other miserable if not inhuman tasks meant for the slaves in the dark savage ages.

What they wildly give birth to – throwing away, ignoring and/or out of ignorance of the faith they claimed to profess, their defined obligation of proper parenting – degenerate into a cluster race of savages suffocating the society with naughty, nauseating attitudes, in the name of ALMAJIRANCI, namely; political thuggery, banditry, robbery, kidnapping for ransom, and other forms of insurgencies tied to insecurity.

You don’t need to populate a community with nuisance you fail to control. The community looks onto quality not quantity, because there is something parasitic about the quantity-lacking meaningful future.

It is humiliating, it is embarrassing, it is demeaning and disappointing, a conspiracy, an attack on citizens and community’s integrity.

The Emir of Kano His Highness Sanusi II is not the original source. The monarch simply interprets the Glorious Qur’an and the tradition of our Naby Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him, for the minds that understand to reflect, for a societal reorientation.

The monarch, full of wisdom, is however, by the chronic-know-nothing, the uncivilised by Islamic standard, lambasted and lampooned, was mischievously libeled against.

Why should the irresponsible illiterate, unambitious peasant go about marrying women he could not feed without begging and giving birth to children he could not religiously raise but to abandon in the wilderness?

Why are the so-called saints, the supposed sane minds who, for the most part, keep only but one wife, though could afford the polygamy, supporting the irresponsible, irredeemable, poverty stricken, unambitious, polygamous peasant, to keep hatching children that could degenerate to hacking the community?

Is it because it is His Highness Saudi II, the monarch they do not share political affinity and other philosophies with that is heard interpreting what our Creator commanded?

The poorly, or not at all parentally trained, are internally attacking the north and Islam with their atrocities as much as they are exposing the north and Islam to embarrassment and attack with their atrocities.

“The poverty level of the North is 80 per cent; while in the south, it is 20 per cent, simply because of the culture of marrying many wives and producing many children who, at the end, are left on the streets to beg for what to eat,” His Highness Sanusi Lamido Sanusi said.

For stating the religiously obvious, I stand in aristocracy with the monarch of Kano against those who support what is not in our character; what Islam discourages.

To end poverty is to consider the quality in the majority and not the quantity for and to be the majority.

Polygamy and having more children are not for the poor. They are for the enlightened and the willing wealthy. Peace!

  1. IBN YUSUF says

    Unfortunately he his father and grand father did so and they even have what they call SA DAKA. WITH ALL DUE RESPECT YOUR highness are you giving out ZAKKAT HAVE YOU EVER TOLD THE RICHEST PEOPLE IN KANO AND IT METROPOLITAN TO PAY ZAKKAT

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