OPINION: Street Kids Flooding Abuja City

By George Onmonya Daniel

The street children hawking and begging all over Abuja now is alarming. Around 9pm yesterday at Transcorp Hotel junction, there are all over the place by the traffic light, begging and trying to clean the windscreen of passing vehicle who stop by to obey the traffic light.

If your windscreen is not wind down, they put their faces into your vehicle, begging and pleading with you to give them money for food.

As I watched I noticed many of the people driving by ignored them or scolded them to leave their vehicle. In the sea of vehicles passing through I am definitely sure a couple of people would obviously feel for them and give them money.

Looks like this children from about 10 to 14 years old work as a group. Right before my very eyes, one of them was sharing money around, of course the money they made, I can’t tell if it’s for the day or for one traffic stop.

These kids are almost all over the junctions of Abuja begging and selling wares.

The Minister of the FCT and the people who manage the city have quietly ignored the influx of street kids into Abuja begging alms and hawking. Some of these children are supposed to be in school and it is the duty of the FCT administration to make laws to keep children in school

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