Kidnappers’ Waterloo: Maiha, Yola, Ganye

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It is about rainy season, just a few months from now. Will there be a harvest at all? Can farmers abandon their farmlands?

Coronavirus scare keeps advanced counties, whose weaponry and army of scientists and medicines could not get to help, out of business. Cities are not anymore safe heaven. Streets and worshipping places are for the most part, deserted; a sneeze is enough to corona scare.

In some villages across Adamawa state, northeast Nigeria, people to count as farmers, are migrating to the city. Coronavirus isn’t yet in their dictionary. Poor leadership could.

The migration is more of an exile. Boko Haram could not make them leave their hamlets. They have been managing conflicts between farmers and herdsmen.

However, the worst of the human viruses, taken from Satanic Verses, not of the Apostate Salman Rushdie though, is the abductions for ransom without which is the amputation of the ambushed and/or the taken away from homes, and even death

Kidnapping has become a suffocating plague, blocking free flow of fresh air in hamlets, villages, towns and city of Yola.

Could this ugly trend be attributed to suffocating poverty occasioned by unemployment as a product of exploitation and oppression? Could it be a protest by an unconscious reactionary group or simply a decay in moral sensibility?

Villages in Maiha and Fufore local government areas, have since been occupied by kidnappers, raiding almost on daily basis; in part because they are border towns with Cameroon republic and perhaps largely owing to the neglect on the part of government for having inefficient and ineffective representation to voice out the pains of their people under siege demanding for a therapy to the battered security.

The inhabitants of, have abandoned their villages and moved to town for a new rather terribly unaccustomed life while seeking for a fresh air.

Is the city a safe heaven if the exiled would eventually end up in another kidnapping-torn area like Shagari in Yola South?
“Kidnapping is in the steady rise in villages surrounding Maiha. It’s almost happening on a daily basis,” a teacher would tell the Periscope. reporter.
Similar complaints were entertainment in Fufore local government area. Sadiq the moralist would insist on adopting the Zulum of Borno’s model.

“Either the monarch or the chief executive of the state should declare a state prayers and fasting with the aim to crush any form of criminality in the restoration of peace and security that calls for state of emergency in the state,” that’s Sadiq’s prayer for a fresh air.

The hunters, the vigilantes and the vestiges of the villagers who considered themselves to be so terribly so poor to attract kidnappers have formed an ally of and with the security agencies to put an end to kidnappings around Maiha, it was reported.

The operations of the allied security seemed to be producing positive results, a participatory optimist would confirm.

“We shall soon enjoy fresh air with an assured security, Thanks to God, thanks to our collective undertaking for a community service as a social responsibility,” a villager in Boken village of Maiha, would express to the Periscope reporter.

Few days ago, the criminal gangs were reported to have attempted to kidnap some boys at Wargiza town at night. However, the villagers came out in full force against them. The Kidnapper gangs, noticing the bad signal, quickly retreated without anyone of them arrested.

The vigilante Sunday, apprehended Kidnapper kingpins who terrorised Boken and surrounding villages could they be part of Wargiza terrorists?

The kingpins were caught while negotiating for the ransom of two handsome boys they kidnapped and threatened to kill if the payments weren’t brilliant.

The Kidnapper kingpins who would want to kill, ought to have been courageous for the wages of their sins, were hypothetical about dying; to keep breathing, they would have to disclose the cave they purposefully curved, where they kept prisoners their victims; the two boys they kidnapped and those on whom ransoms were collected to be able to regain their freedom, at the mountain side at Dumo village.

“The kidnapper Kingpins were taken to Police Station at Maiha Gari, Maiha local government area. They could be sent to Yola.

The Periscope would want to find out from the Police Public Relations Officer DSP Sulaiman Yahya Nguroje. The Adamawa Police Command was yet to receive the Maiha report, was his response.

Nguroje has however confirmed the arrest of the Kidnapper gangs Sunday, who have been terrorising Shagari Low-cost Housing Unit and surroundings in Yola South local government area.

Previously, kidnappings have been suffocating the residents of Shagari, Lakare, and Lelewalji in Bole ward.

“Two days will not pass peacefully without a house screaming, seeking for where to get huge amount of money to rescue their abducted relatives from Kidnappers.

“I must admit, policemen are now after the criminal gangs. Arrests have been made, we’re now beginning to have confidence in the security,” A resident of Shagari told the Periscope reporter.

The DPO in Ganye local government has been doing an impressive job with the war against kidnappings.

“The conspiracy of silence is the major challenge. Kidnappers are not without informants; both the Kidnappers and the informants, for the most part, belong to the same community within which they operate.

“War against any form of criminality is a collective responsibility. We need the cooperation of the public to help build the peace; report suspicious person or movement to the nearest police station or the closest security officer,” Nguroje would advice.


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