COVID-19: Lockdown Mubi To Control The Virus Spread, Adamawa Suggest Tells Fintiri

The Periscope reporter

COVID-19 has indeed entered the community in Adamawa state, most particularly, as Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri has observed while confirming the second COVID-19 case in the state, coming from Mubi local government, northern senatorial district.

The second case was totally unconnected to the first index in the state and was a medical doctor, who could have been infected by a patient who must have had contact with so many people in Mubi.

Mubi has the majority of the COVID-19 confirmed cases in Adamawa state.

To control the spread politicians, academicians, technocrats, critical thinkers and men of conscience the Periscope Suggest interviewed on Monday, has called on the Adamawa state government that instead of relaxing restrictions order, Mubi should be totally locked down.

“Relaxing the lockdown has exposed the citizens to an advanced stage of COVID-19 vulnerability, because people are being disrespectful to social distancing and stubborn refusal to wear face mask at the commercial centres, ATM machines and markets among other places today, even though banks have adopted the no face mask no entry order.

“The number of cases coming from Mubi, is beginning to be frightening as contact tracing is difficult.

“If a medical doctor can be infected without knowing who or what could have resulted to him being infected, you could imagine the disaster without adequate control.

“Therefore, a worthy suggestion as a safe heaven, is to quarantine by locking down Mubi just as Wuhan was locked down to control the COVID-19 spread to other states in China,” Yunusa Abubakar, a critical thinker would say.

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