ACHIEVER: Prof Saad’s 100 Days As MD, FMC Abuja Celebrates Success

The Periscope reporter

“How time flies!” Someone exclaimed.

“The atmosphere isn’t boring, isn’t suffocating, time wouldn’t have seem flying,” another person in the conversation responded.

It was all about Prof. Saad Ahmed, the Medical Director, Federal Medical Centre, FMC Jabi, Abuja, who clocks 100 days in office today.

100 days is less than 4 months of 4 years. Will there be any achievement to be bothered about?

Well, in FMC Abuja, there are lots of achievements within just 100 days to celebrate with Prof. Saad.

The making of hand sanitizers, the face masks, face shields and other consumables as protective measures by the health facility, against covid-19, are counted as achievements.

FMC Abuja has made impressive provision, in tune with WHO stabdard and the NCDC requirements, with a view to contain the covid-19 global pandemic.

Having studied the environment after reporting, Prof. Saad designed a roadmap for success, which he considered as an impossible a task without teamwork.

Teamwork would require boosting staff motivation initiative, by among other considerations, respecting staff assigned responsibilities, trust and confidence that they could deliver. Based on this spirit, decentralisation of responsibilities and other initiatives such as securing staff bus to ease transportation challenges have made the list of achievements.

Collaboration with agencies, organisations and international bodies to enhance capacity buildings; both human and facility, were engaged in before the lockdown could get to slowdown the success.

Prof. Saad inherited growing number of indigent patients, resulting from the economic or financial capacity situation but due to the changing policy of the hospital system and TSA monetary policy of the government that has challenged the use of public fund to treat patients, he introduced a Medical Indigent Fund, an initiative adopted from FMC Yola’s Hospital Paupers’ Funds.

The initiative is to source for funds from philanthropic organisations and individuals, then used what is generated to pay for the treatment of the pauper patients.

Prof. Saad equipped the social welfare services department of the health facility, to be able to to effectively and efficiently manage the indigent fund scheme.

These are some of the noticeable achievements of Prof Saad Ahmed, in just about 100 days as Medical Director, in spite of the covid-19.

The Periscope Global Publishers Nigeria, has joined the celebration of the Prof. Saad Ahmed’s 100 days in office with a hearty congratulations, challenging him to keep doing the excellent job.

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