ABUJA: Covid-19 Private Treatment Centres Spring Up, Charge N100,000 Per Night, N11M, 3M Deposit

The Periscope reporter

It was conceived that Covid-19 would fizzle out slowly and that even if it would stay permanently, its efficacy and spread would have been reduced dramatically. However, records show that it is now soaring.

World Health Organisation (WHO) has warned of increasing daily cases of Coronavirus as the pandemic intensifies.

According to the UK Independent Newspaper, the latest figure from WHO shows that 212,326 cases have been confirmed across the world between Friday 3rd, July and Saturday 4th, July.

This number has passed the previous daily record of 189,077 set on 28 July.

In Nigeria, cases continue to rise daily but steadily in all states with the exception of Cross River, which has recorded no case till date.

The new normal is localised lockdown whereby any region or state in which the daily increase is more than the average national daily increase is locked down.

This is now practiced in Europe at the moment, even though the policy was used in Nigeria when Lagos, Kano and Abuja, were locked down for two weeks initially by the Federal Government.

People have the tendency to take things for granted when the number of cases is fairly low in their area.

But as long as there is cross border movement within a country and no proper checks and quarantine rules put in place, then the virus is bound to surface in one way or the other.

It is imperative that the populace is constantly reminded to continue to use hand sanitisers and face masks in public places or gatherings.

The use of face masks in Lagos is now compulsory with a fine of N20,000 on the spot for failure to use one.

While the number of confirmed cases in Nigeria stands at 28,611, the number of active cases is  16,401 according to NCDC.

In Abuja Private Coronavirus treatment centres have began to spring up with one centre charging N100,000 per night for treatment.

This centre demands for a deposit of N11million Naira before a patient is admitted while the second less expense centre accept a deposit of N3 million Naira only.

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