COVID-19: They do not believe there is, it kills, yet they demand for hazard allowance, insurance

NEON Editorial

It is said that the entire human beings belong to one species referred to as Homo sapiens.

However, a further rather unscientific syncategorematic consideration would reveal the most dangerous COVID-19 group of the Homo sapiens.

Imagine a health worker who thinks that Coronavirus is a hoax and the records of death casualties as nothing far from hyperbolic deception even while working at a designated Covid-19 containment, testing and treatment health facility.

This notorious or stubborn group is dangerous because it is capable of misguiding people, undermining campaign against the virus as much as serving as middlemen between the community and the health facility in spread the virus.

Tolerating this group will result in people faulting and flaunting WHO and NCDC Covid-19 containment protocols.

The management of health facilities, should as a matter of urgency, identify the seeming stubborn individuals belonging to this dangerous group and stop them from going to the “worthless work,” lest they serve as window; putting the entire hospital staff at risk.

“They say Covid-19 isn’t real, that the indexes, the cases and those killed by the virus are only but records of deception, a window of exploitation and extortion.

“What we do not understand about them, either conspiracy or hypocrisy, is why are they joining the agitation, demanding for the palliatives, for the Covid-19 hazard allowance and insurance as health workers?

“You only talk about hazard when you belief in the risk you are into,” one of the senior staff with a health facility in northeast Nigeria would lament.

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