Keep the faith, intensify devotion, kindness, generosity – Qutba

The PerisQutba

The unity of humankind in devotion and supplication to the unity of one God, has occupied the Jumu’at qutba today.

It is the month of Dhul Hajj; the month of pilgrimage, marking the hallmark of sacrifice.

Even though, owing to Covid-19, Mosques, for the most part, have shortened their Qutba, are however united in spelling out the Dos, the Don’ts and the virtues of the ten most worthy days of Dhul Hajj.

It is a month of peace, adorned with answered prayers, as Qur’anic recitation and reflection, intensified devotion, love and brotherhood, as it is reflected in the Muslims global over, coming together in the spirit of unity and equality to worship in Mecca; a call for unity.

Now the Covid-19 has made a Mecca in every hamlet, community, village and/or town. Pilgrimage is suspended but the spirit within the ritual spiritual exercise is felt.

The most rewarding ten days of Dhul Hajj require that there should be no cutting of nails or trimming of hair.

It requires doing good to the family and generosity to the community.

It requires fasting at least on Arafat, a day before the eid day where rams among other recommend animals are slaughtered after observing the two raka’at prayers in congregation.

The meat from the slaughtered animals are also to be shared to those who do not have the means to slaughter, translating to love and brotherhood.

The Qutba put together, urged the Ummah to honour Covid-19 containment recommendation to do with the stay at home, work from home, social distancing, hygiene associated, using face mask when going out I’d necessary and the avoidance of social gatherings

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