Is Trump, wife evading presidential debate to have tested positive for Covid-19?

The Periscope Reporter

Political opponents hold the view that President Donald Trump is running away from the presidential debate he will not triumph with his claim that he and his wife have tested positive for Coronavirus.

The US president confirmed on Twitter that he and the first lady have contracted COVID-19, saying: “We will begin our quarantine and recovery process immediately. We will get through this TOGETHER!”

Based on the Development, Mr Trump is now expected to be in quarantine for some two weeks while facing treatment for the disease, with his diagnosis coming just one month before the US election on 3 November, Sky News will reveal.

The political opponents debated against the Trump’s Trumpeted Covid-19 claim, arguing that “why at this time?”

Mr Trump lost badly in round one of three debates, and that since he did not see him triumphing in the subsequent presidential debates, he came out with a plan to evade the exercise.

Whether or not the arguments hold water, only the triumph time not the Trump at the trumpeter can tell.

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