#EndSARS Riots: NBC Sanctions Channels, 3 media outlets over fake footage

The Periscope Reporter

The National Broadcasting Commission, NBC, has sanctioned three major broadcast stations over their alleged roles in escalation of violence across the nation.

The regulators fined Africa Independent Television, AIT, Arise Television, and Channels Television for what it referred to as gross violation of the broadcast code, top of which is the use of unverifiable online video footages on social media.

The sanction, according to the Acting Director-General of the Commission, Armstrong Idachaba, would be a fine between two to three million Naira.

Idachaba warned that this would be the last warning before a heavier sanction would be introduced.

The DG also announced that DAAR Communications would be fined separately for using an unverifiable news item on the fire incident at the National Christian Centre.

Idachaba noted the retraction by the station but said that there must be consequences.

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