MAMZA, A Bishop CAN can’t Miss

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It was said that a politician whether real or with ulterior motive went to solicit for the CAN Chairman’s support to mobilise the Christian community to his favour. However, Bishop Dami Mamza would damn the politician’s motive insisting on true democracy for good governance without any syncategorematic consideration of the seeming unrealistic difference(s).

Mamza belongs to the interfaith initiative aimed at religious tolerance and understanding rather than mutual suspension, defining the beauty inhere unity in diversity, considering every neighbour, irrespective of tribe or religion as a brother or sister.

The tenure has ended but the Christian Association of Nigeria CAN can’t miss Dami Mamza without accomplishing his legacies that have impacted on many lives, improved the narrative. He is re-elected.

Tabiyatiya Kingtabs Daniel has aptly captured some of the Bishop’s legacies for which both the Christian community and non Christians will not want to miss, with the caption: BISHOP STEPHEN DAMI MAMZA AND HIS LEGACIES

The Catholic Bishop of Yola Diocese and Adamawa State CAN Chairman Bishop Stephen Dami Mamza has written his name in GOLD in the minds of citizens of Adamawa State and beyond.

He has for the past 5 years catered for over 5000 IDPs, he willingly converted his cathedral compound to an IDP camp.

He has provided them with free accommodation, feeding and also free medical services.

Bishop Mamza offered all these humanitarian services to every IDP who camped in the cathedral irrespective of religious, tribal and regional differences.

Apart from building a brand new -CAN secretariat worth over N115 million naira, he has touched the lives of thousands of people, most especially IDPs directly or indirectly.

Following the activities of the dreaded Boko Haram, the clergyman gave over 300 widows soft loans to improve their source of livelihood.

He gave scholarships to over 270 indigent children from nursery to senior secondary schools.

He also embarked on the rebuilding of 200 houses completely burnt down by the rampaging Boko Haram militants after a horrible attack on Guyaku community of Gombi Local Government Area.

Bishop Mamza facilitated the supply of water to 16 communities with high population density of IDPs across the state.

As if that was not enough, he organized a support programme for the 180 women and girls abducted by Boko Haram militants who were released.

The first 100 women received N196,000 cash, each to support their llivelihood. There was no 3rd party involved as he handed the beneficiaries the money himself.

As compassionate as he is, the clergyman, January 2020 laid the foundation for the construction of 86 semi detached housing units for internally displaced person’s IDP in the state at Jabbi Lamba in Girei LGA.

The housing unit is to assist IDP families who have been camping at the church premises for over 5 years.

The project will cover 43 blocks of 86 semi detached housing unit.

Bishop Dami Mamza is currently constructing a Church, Mosque, School, Healthcare Center and a Market at where I referred to as Garin Bishop Dami Mamza (Bishop Dami Mamza’s town).

Lo and behold, Bishop Stephen Dami Mamza is delivering as the construction of the 86 semi detached housing units is near completion, the school is completed while the construction of the healthcare center, worship centers for the 2 Faith’s and a Market is currently ongoing.

Just this morning, he compassionately hands out (11,000) Eleven Thousand Naira cash support each to 104 widows to alleviate the hardship caused as a result of coronavirus Pandemic.

The Beneficiaries were cut across Namtari, Ngurore, Yolde pate, and Sangere communities irrespective of religious or tribal affiliations.

Bishop Stephen Dami Mamza is currently the most celebrated man in Adamawa State.

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