OPINION: Engr Bashir: If Incompetent What Makes Him The Most Powerful SSG

By Mohammed B Tukur

It is said that the guilty is afraid, threat and intimidation are potential sources of income for those who are into blackmail as a trade.

One thing I know is that Engr Bashir Ahmad, the Secretary to the State Government (SSG) Adamawa state is not the guilty, hence there is nothing he should be afraid of to be launched by allied blackmailers who have taken to libel against his personality using media platforms noted for harassing the guilty for ransom.

The media platforms have on the one hand, commended Engr Bashir as the most powerful SSG and in another hand, condemned him as being incompetent. How does an incompetent personality be the most powerful SSG?

The libelous media platforms claimed that the SSG is unfriendly, uncourteous, irredeemably undiplomatic and intolerant to even his colleagues in government; adding that his arrogance is unfortunately misunderstood for principle that he lacks. Yet the allegations considered as over emotional of the overambitious, who would not get what they want given to them, could not mention any of the appointed officers said to be lamenting over the said SSG’s arrogance.

The libellous platforms have accused the SSG of corruption, perhaps for refusing to dance to their dictated monetary tunes, as the instances of the alleged corruption could not be made convincingly elaborate.

Readers also wonder that the earlier allegation levelled against the SSG was his mistreatment of the Fulani, his tribesmen. However, the Fulani are surreptitiously omitted in the list of the seeming ghost rioters agitating, in a rather figment of imagination, the sacking of the SSG with a view to restoring the public confidence in Fintiri led governance.

The scripted allegations is poorly put, lacking critical thinking. The libellous platforms ought to learn that the role of SSG is purely administrative rather than political. SSG is mainly answerable to the governor and not the libellous media platforms who at best, if professionals too, should be consulting the PROs and the media aids to the chief executives for any information from the state government.

The SSG cannot be intimidated by hate speech, propaganda and libel as his records are straight. He is not afraid because he is not guilty.

Mohammad B. Tukur is the SSA on New Media to the Adamawa state Governor.

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