NEF asks Akeredolu to rescind his unlawful order against Fulani herdsmen

The Periscope reporter

The Nothern Elders Forum (NEF) has told Fulani herdsmen in Ondo forests to snub Governor Rotimi Akeredolu‘s ultimatum and reject any move to label them criminals.

This was contained in a statement by the forum’s spokesman, Dr. Hakeem Baba-Ahmed.

He asked Governor Rotimi Akeredolu to cancel the ultimatum given to herders to vacate forest reserves in the State.

According to the statement, the Ondo governor’s ultimatum was provocative and unhelpful.

The forum noted they would not accept unfair treatment, and asked the Governor to separate criminals and treat them as such.

Baba-Ahmed said Governor Akeredolu as a senior lawyer should know that the constitution does not give him the power to deny any Nigerian the right to live where he chooses, so far as he does not break the law in the process.

The NEF urged that if there are criminal elements among the Fulani’s in the state, the governor should take appropriate steps to identify them and deal with them.

NEF stated that Fulani should live, respect, and interact by the laws of the communities they reside.

However, it said it is dangerous and unacceptable to profile and demonize the Fulani and treat him outside the laws of the land like all other Nigerians.

The Forum asked the Fulani to remain in their locations and abide by the law as they called Governor Akeredolu to rescind his order on the Fulani, or clarify his position in the event that he is misunderstood.

NEF noted that no Fulani anywhere in the country would accept unfair and illegal treatment because of their tribe

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