OPINION: No Southernersl can endure oppression, annihilation northerners endured in the south In the name of peace

By Chigozirim Emeakayi

All we have done in the past one year is to burn down the Northern markets in the Southeast, slaughter the cattle and their herders, burn down Mosques and every Qur’an therein, chase the northers away and take over their properties.

All these atrocities have been channelled towards the innocent northerners in our midst, simply because we acted based on Fallacy, lies and our personal hatred for the north.

We killed Northerners in Abia, did they retaliate? NO!

We killed Northerners in Imo, Did they return the favour? NO!

We attacked Northerners in Enugu, did they come back for return match? NO!

We attacked the Notherners in Ondo, did they attack our people living in the North? NO!

We killed and slaughtered many Notherners in Oyo, did they retaliate? NO!

So why are we complaining because they have now reduced the velocity of their food supplies in the South?

If you as Southerner, have watched your shops in the North get burnt, your Brothers get killed, your church hall destroyed and finally you get evicted from the North, would you go ahead to situate your business in the North?

Do you know how much a trailer cost? It was burnt in the South by hundreds.

Do you know how much a basket of tomatoes cost? It was destroyed in the South by Thousands.

Do you know how much a cow costs? They were destroyed in the South by Thousands.

Do you know how much a single human life is worth? They were massively killed in the South.

We should be happy these Northerners are only withholding their food supplies from coming to the South instead of retaliating.

No single Southerner can endure half of what these Northerners have endured in the South all in the name of seeking peace.

It is well, food supplies are now scarce in the South, anyone that want an affordable and bulk supply of food stuffs should visit the North and purchase them.

These NORTHERNERS are tired of our outright wickedness and barbaric behaviours towards them.

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