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2019: On Electioneering Campaign And Leadership, A Call To Politicians – FMC Yola Jumu’at Qutba

2019: On Electioneering Campaign And Leadership, A Call To Politicians – FMC Yola Jumu’at Qutba

By Adamu Muhammad Dodo

It was the first Friday after the one year- though not a kind of anniversary- with the upgrading of the mosque in FMC Yola to be holding Jumua’t prayer by the Ameerul Mumin HRH the Lamido of Adamawa.

The first Friday of another-year for for the mosque almost coincided with the time of electioneering campaign for the race in 2019, a test for the electorates to decide the tasted and trusted, the best of the rest.

The good, the bad and the ugly, the tidy and the dirty, the effective and the deceptive contestants would be packaged for a worthy or for a naughty electioneering market.

A time to determine whether or not electorates, for the most part, would be effective and/or whether or not the electorates would either be guided by a retentive, affective or defective memory in deciding the would be elected.

The Qutba began by glorifying the most gracious, the beneficent, the most merciful thereafter, praised the prophet SAW before reminding the ummah of how every led is equally a leader; A man, for instance, is a leader in his house, therefore must ensure justice, equity, knowledge, takwa as much as catering for the entire family.

Leadership, the qutba observed, is fundamental in Islam for a society to get to have the necessary discipline and ethical conducts without any air about anarchy, such that the prophet SAW would delegate authority if he should be engaged away from the centre, as he directed that no three persons should embark on a journey until a leader is assigned from among them.

However, leadership should not be sought for by self as it would amount to selfishness, the Quran warned as much as the prophet SAW was quoted to have cautioned one of the faithful never to seek for leadership responsibility.
“Whoever seeks for leadership responsibility Allah SWT will not guide him. He will end up being a disappointment by being clueless.

“Let the community finds a worthy leadership in you to shoulder responsibility, then Allah SWT will see you through,” the Qutba articulated.

However, politicians in the country are, for the most part, spending huge resources with some of them alleged to be engaged in terrible rituals while seeking for power and authority.

The qutba has called on the politicians and supporters to be guided by constructive manifestos during campaign rather than intimidation, oppression, alleging baseless libel and casting aspirations against the inspired aspiring opponent.

Islam is a complete religion that is thorough in defining a complete way of life. political campaign should equally submit to this premise rather than entrusting it into the hands of the Mammon and/or the morons.

The politicians were called upon to have taqwa the fear of God, good intention and that which would not belittle or betray their faith.

Foul language, violence during campaign and political “thugry,” all amount to acts of irresponsibility. it is also against democratic norms.

“Lies, deceit, false promises, betrayal of trust and libel against opponent on social media and other instruments of mass communication for political gain, to defend by defaming and/or character assassinating someone, political violence; thugry and intimidation, seen as acts of terrorism are condemnable in Islam.

The qutba has called on the government, as a matter of agency, to bring to an end the menace of Shila before it could get out of hand.

“Do not drug the thugs for political intimidation, the punishment occasioned by the offense committed by the drugged thugs, will eventually be shared by the offender and the accomplice-masters on the day of judgment.

The qutba has finally called on the politicians to consider those whom they are representing or serving, the community, state or country, one’s faith first before self, unless otherwise they are not God-fearing.

“When in victory, bring good people around you as advisers rather than sycophants and the scallywags and take fate faithfully for losing,” the qutba concluded.



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