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Dr. Malgwi And Wife Gunned Down

Dr. Malgwi And Wife Gunned Down

By Adamu Muhammad Dodo

Dr. Andrew Malgwi and his wife were gunned down Saturday at their farmland while they went for harvest, Dr. Adiel Adamu former NMA Chairman Adamawa state would confirm that the corpses were deposited at the mortuary in FMC Yola.

Commenting on the unfortunate incidence Dr. Tounde Elijah the present NMA chairman Adamawa state Sunday, lamented with dismay, that the Nigerian state has failed the professional old man who has dedicated his entire life in serving God by rendering essential humanitarian services as a medical Doctor who not only rose to the highest position as permanent secretary, played executive role in Adamawa state, served as board member FMC Yola but also established a hi-tech private health facility Freedom Poly Clinic, Adamawa is proud of having:

Dr. Malgwi and family have equally joined the popular call for green revolution, operation feed the nation, return to farm etc, a composite of all aimed at rejuvenating agriculture in country.

However, like other farmers in Adamawa who were either killed or kidnapped for ransom in their farmlands as they went harvesting owing to lack of security, Malgwi over 70 and wife over 60, were not to be spared the unknown bullets using unknown gun(s) by an unknown savages with barbaric intentions, interpreting the satanic script aimed at degenerating a community into anarchy.

Dr. Tounde was the consultant physician who managed Dr. Malgwi at FMC Yola some months previously, before his family members transferred him to Lagos, perhaps owing to traffic; the overwhelming visitors and well wishers, before he was eventually moved to a hospital in the UK.

In appreciation, having returned from treatment abroad Dr. Malgwi said while in the UK, he was placed on the same treatment he enjoyed and the same medical advice he received while on admission at FMC Yola. He would have no need flying abroad any longer.

“Dr. Malgwi has all that it takes to keep him alive, to survive the hard times without necessarily taken to farming, which he enjoyed as a pass time vocation.

“Security is the responsibility of the state to keep businesses and humanitarian services flourishing.

“Unfortunately, that security isn’t there, therefore, criminality, savagery and barbarity even at the farmlands were with impunity. We lost one of our famous mentors baba Malgwi,” Dr. Tounde lamented while speaking with the Periscope Global Investigate.

General Mamman Jiya Vatsa of military memory and poetic retrospection, in his war poem, articulated that it was not the human in, but it is a war that killed a soldier at the battle field, in his “That War Killed Him.”

Another poet would write about Vatsa’s death as “That Failed Coup Killed Him,” when plea by poets the likes of Wole Soyinka to “save a life in the poet” was not honoured.

So, what killed the essential humanitarian services in Dr. Malgwi and Family?

Was there any ulterior motive?

Were the casualties of death simply protecting their farm, resisting against, from marauding encroachment?

Were Dr. Malgwi 70 and wife 60 resisting kidnapping?

Who were the gunmen and how many in number could they be?

Dr. Malgwi and family were unarmed and like other victims, they lost their lives in their unsecured farmland to unknown gunmen.

“kidnappings of university dons, killing of doctors in their farms among others are indeed becoming unbearably uncomfortable in Adamawa state. Something security serious must be done to bring to an end these menace,” a social commentator lamented

We should not be uniting in times of condoles that could not bring back to life the dead. We must unite in insisting for instilled security by means of sanitising our state against insanity, insecurity and insurgency tied to Satanism, for peace to permeate our polity and mutual coexistence.



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