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Adamawa Government Silent Over Insurgency: Abduction For Ransom, Herdsmen Encroachment Of Farmlands Before The Harvest, Killings By Unknown Gunmen, Shila Terrorism – mourners

Adamawa Government Silent Over Insurgency: Abduction For Ransom, Herdsmen Encroachment Of Farmlands Before The Harvest, Killings By Unknown Gunmen, Shila Terrorism – mourners

By Adamu Muhammad Dodo

It is said that even if the APC gubernatorial primaries in Adamawa state would be free and fair, Bindow, owing to the window opened for sympathy kind of protest votes, would have won the election, with the electorates as delegates ignoring or having defective memory of the inflicted wounds occasioned by failed promises among other deficiencies.

From sympathy induced loyalty to the governor, Adamawa is said to have moved to a sympathy kind of protest mourning.

Mourners, the supporters for the mourning and those who were shocked by the news of the unfortunate incidences and have joined in for condolences were, to say the least, beyond counting

Dr Mwajim Malgwi over 70 his wife over 60, were reported to have been gunned down Saturday, by unknown gunmen in their fenced farmland along Ngurore road, Yola south LGA, Adamawa state.

The lamentations shifted from “what a world, after having contributed and was still contributing to the state, insecurity would eventually waste his life and wife only to be survived by mourners,” to heaping blames of the casualties on the government.

The insensitivity to insecurity on the part of the appropriate authority, was taken as a renewed theology to evangelise by the mourners and those who went to register condolences over death casualties resulting from insecurity.

“A lot of things are happening in the state to make us feel as if we’re sacrificed to criminals and criminality.

“Adamawa government keeps silent over insurgency: the abduction for ransom. You’ve reported businessman, ward head, university dons and even a herdsman were abducted and allegedly had ransoms paid to be able to gain their freedom.

“Are you aware that the frequency of kidnappings in Adamawa state is such that the mean abductors are demanding for as miserable as three thousand naira for ransom?

“The case of herdsmen leading their herds of cattle into farms before the harvest and any attempt by farmers to resist the encroachment would have resounding effects of sustained injuries and eventually, death. Yet nothing is said or any action apparently taken to that effect, by way of arresting the situation.

“The killings by unknown gunmen, are really a source of discomfort. It is becoming no longer at ease and the government couldn’t tell us whether or not the centre could get to hold with security apparently fallen apart while the actors are playing the politics of antagonism.

“The menace of the Shila gangs operating with impunity, is another state of unrest, especially, with the 2019 electioneering atmosphere, the tendency of the gangs to be deployed as political thugs.

“The shila gangs are robbing people of their handsets, handbags among other properties in broad daylight: they oppress, they exploit, they threaten lives with arms for any resistance against looting.

“This is just but a summary of why we’re here today. To mourn one of the casualties of the ignored state of insecurity,” one of the mourners eloquently lamented in impeccable rather classical Hausa language.

The Periscope Global Investigate, would reveal a debate with contempt, between and among the mourners, as JP Clerk’s defined casualties that involved not only those who are injured or killed.

A group heaped the blame on the federal government, in fact, the presidency, while the other group argued that the governor as the chief security officer of the state should be held responsible for providing security, citing the example of how governor Nasir El-Rufai has been able to address issues in Kaduna state and that where the crises so overwhelmed the governor, he should refer it to the president for necessary action, even if it should be an imposition of state of emergency rather than struggling for incumbency.

The point however lies in political will, the debate would conclude.



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