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Nigeria: We’re moving to the next level – Dr Guendouzi @fimiletoks

Nigeria: We’re moving to the next level – Dr Guendouzi @fimiletoks

I have toned down my posts here for obvious reasons, most people here are only in political propaganda and I am not ready to argue with such people, it is sheer waste of energy, time and neurotransmitters in my brain.
Their dream is different, mine is to see Nigeria succeed.

There is a video of Peter Obi online, where he analyzed the profligacy of the past administration and the resultant effects on our economy. The anti-Buhari guys have refused to acknowledge Peter Obi’s honest opinion. Yet they continue to scream that Buhari destroyed the economy.

Okonjo Iweala also wrote about the wastefulness it in her book, they shunned it. What useless economy? What nonsense economy? Nation of 180m people who spends billions to import food, depend on oil..imports toothpick and handkerchiefs, imports okrika clothes and palm oil.

A country that imports and consumes every single item in the world. Oil prices crashed to $28 per barrel, with a reserve of $29bn that could hardly finance one month of import, what were we expecting? Tea party? Egypt, Angola, Algeria, Tunisia, Argentina and Venezuela got caught up in the mess, all of them ran to IMF, devalued their currencies, suffered massive inflation and hardship. PMB/PYO / Kemi Adeosun / Emefiele and his team struggled to manage the situation..stimulate local production, plugged loopholes, recovered looted funds, removed ghost workers and continued to grind despite low oil prices.

The man held on to the naira, he didn’t want to devalue it due to the ripple effect on the economy especially petroleum products.The naira eventually crashed and we got hit by the effects of devaluation. Who ever said we weren’t going to suffer for years of wastefulness and oil price slump is a complete dullard. Oh Nigeria became the poverty capital of the world, yes we totally deserve it. What did we do in 16 years to avoid the inglorious crown?

Nigeria came out of recession maybe faster than everyone else except Egypt who took billions of IMF loans. The FG despite the recession only borrowed to fund critical infrastructure, they did not downsize, they did not borrow to fund salaries rather, they have continued to bail out states, built our reserve from $29bn to $41bn. Asides all these, the govt had little left to run some social intervention programs, programs that were not implemented when we had surplus funds. Pensions backlog also cleared during these tough times. Inflation has been on a downward trend for 18 consecutive months, exports improving gradually, appreciable increase in revenue, Agric picking up steadily but we still have a lot to do to feed 200m citizens.

Completed projects, contractors back to site, rail, roads, power and other critical infrastructures all within 2-3 years. I am not making excuses, as a learned person, I am just wondering what the grouse is exactly. Security, maybe, it could have been better..what else? Please name any company or firm in any critical sector of the economy that did not make huge profits in 2017/2018. Shoprite just announced a 43% increase in revenue, jobs are coming back, businesses booming again. I can list 1bn dollar worth of foreign investments that have come into the country in the past 24 months, Google is your friend e no go ask you for money! Was Atiku not VP when Michelin, dunlop, Unilever and other factories closed down and ran to Ghana?

What exactly are you ranting about? All the churches that bought warehouses in Oregon and Oba Akran, what year were these properties acquired mostly by churches? Have you questioned your Governors? What exactly is your grouse? We all saw it coming, Peter Obi saw it, Okonjo saw it, Sanusi saw it coming.

Support your candidate but don’t assume we are fools. There is no magician anywhere and Nigeria will not become an Eldorado in 3 years. 3m Jobs will not come out of anywhere. We laid a poor foundation for donkey years and now we have to work. No propaganda will stop it..We are moving by God’s grace to the #NextLevel



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