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Bindow And the Miangu School Certificate Scene: A Window Flooding Group Reaction

Bindow And the Miangu School Certificate Scene: A Window Flooding Group Reaction

By Adamu Muhammad Dodo

From the Newshawk’s series on Bindow, Miangu and certificate forgery, sifted among the floodgate of reactions, a non romantic, rather apolitical position of possibility of a Civil Society Organisation under the aegis of Good Governance Group GGG, could be pleased to be referred to as The 3G, considered to be challenging injustice and any other act that could tempt integrity, transparency, additionally, fuming against any form of criminality capable of heating the polity defined at the Periscope Global Publishers’ summit as “political insurgency.”

The 3G has sensed a shaming of the state’s heritage, for a chief executive who has declared to be operating a corrupt free administration only to have his genesis baptised in filthy pond of lies, deception and educational malpractice based on certificate forgery as was alleged; kind of opening a clueless leadership door through the window for a revelation.

The 3G would have wandered, wondering why the allegation should have to be now not then, in the sense that Bindow was said to have used the same alleged forged certificate for a Senate seat and to his first tenure as governor of the state.

However, in consideration of a move to the next level and not to falter, frail by frightening fraud and fall into a failed state or as a poet would point out, not to be crushed by corruption and casted for crash landing, joining the popular call with integrity, in sympathy to the chief executive, the 3G, called on governor Muhammadu Umaru Jibrilla Bindow to humiliate the detractors by telling the people the true position of his secondary school certificate.

In a press release signed by the leader of the group, Charles Mandama, the 3G noted that the actions of the governor since the allegation of the certificate forgery cropped up, generated more questions than answers.

The group noted that based on the nature of the documents, the governor was said to have tendered to INEC and his recent trip to Miangu in Plateau state, persuasive doubt was being registered that Bindow has ever had genuine credentials for a gubernatorial contest.

To be free against the allegation, the group argued, the governor should go by the game of truth in telling the people the position of his certificate in line with the oath of office to which he swore allegiance.

“We are happy that the governor has in unambiguous terms, showed evidence of attending a secondary school as attested by both his classmates and the present principal of Miangu secondary school he attended,” Mandama said.

Mandama added that since the governor has attended and completed secondary education thirty five years ago, the honourable thing to do would be to present the original WAEC certificate in order to douse the imbroglio surrounding his education.

“A person that claimed to attend a secondary school and wrote WAEC exams is bound to get a WAEC certificate,” Mandama said.

Mandama noted that any candidate that failed to get certificate after three years of writing WAEC exams, might have been deemed to commit one of the three infractions;

1 failure to register for the examinations, in which case, he would be deemed not to have sat for the examination.

2. Engaged in examination malpractice and cheating.

3 failing all the subjects he sat for during the examinations.

Mandama noted that based on the forgoing, it would be a wise idea for the governor to present the true position of his secondary school certificate or risk being adjudged as having committed one or all of the above infractions.



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