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Ribadu Support Group Donates 40 Vehicles for 2019 Buhari/Osinbajo Campaign

Ribadu Support Group Donates 40 Vehicles for 2019 Buhari/Osinbajo Campaign

*Adamawa government yet to comment on, Congratulate Ribadu – Literary critic

By Dr. Adamu Muhammad Dodo

Malam Nuhu Ribadu former chairman, Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) a 2018 international anti corruption crusade life award winner, assured his commitment to mobilise the electorates and stakeholders in Adamawa state, who were desirous of continuity in transparency with integrity and strengthening the restoration of public confidence in good governance, devoid of diverting public treasury to private investments, to ensure that President Muhammadu Buhari wins in the state and beyond.

Ribadu made the commitment Monday in Yola while presenting 40 vehicles donated by his support group: Black Cap Revolutionary Movement, for the mobilisation of voters in Adamawa state.

Black Black Revolutionary Movement started as a youth vocation in Adamawa state, later to be joined by other rather anti retrogressive groups of youth who were disappointed by the betrayal of trust occasioned by deception in governance at the state level; destruction of the Admiral Nyako led legacies, such as the empowerment of the less privileged, the unemployed, youth, women and the aged, through the SA monthly allowances as social welfare intervention programme and pragmatism associated with the skills acquisition schemes for self-reliance, in addition to being disenchanted by the inefficiency in governance; a system alleged to be bent on plunging the state into the filthy debris of debts, the depths of which if allowed to succeed itself, would be unimaginable.

Admiral Murtala Hammanyero Nyako Baba Maimangoro the former governor and the anti corruption tsar Malam Nuhu Ribadu are incidentally, fund of wearing black caps, making a metaphor to anti retrogression and clueless governance in Adamawa state.

“Adamawa is 100 percent for Buhari. We will make sure that Buhari is re-elected, because he deserves it.

“Let us help Buhari, so that he can continue to work for Nigeria,” Ribadu said.

Ribadu, who is the Director of Field Operation of Presidential Campaign Council of Buhari/Osinbajo, assured that Buhari would get double of what he got to defeat the PDP ruling party’s Jonathan as president in 2015 from Adamawa state.

“If Buhari won Adamawa by over 600,000 votes in 2015, by the grace of God, we are going to give him over one million votes in 2019,” Ribadu prayed.

Ribadu listed series of federal government projects completed and ongoing in Adamawa, adding that the only way to reciprocate the achievements recorded, that never were and to hope for more, was to vote for Buhari again, in tune with the next level.

“People used to say that some of these projects were there. Why? What happened? Why didn’t they finished them?

“You can dream. Dream will remain a dream until when one makes a dream into reality.

“The person who makes a dream into reality, is the person that is entitled to take the credit; especially, when it comes to governance,” Ribadu argued. Adding that it is easier to have a dream, to think of an idea, than translating the dream or the idea into reality.

“The person who will come in and physically gets things done, is the person who deserves to be credited.

“President Muhammadu Buhari came in, met ideas, dreams that are unimplemented, uncompleted, undone and he has taking them one by one. He is making them into a reality.

“Ladies and gentlemen! I think he deserves to be commended and that is what governance is all about.

“People must understand about a doer and the person who says he will do. There’s a huge difference between the two,” Ribadu said. Adding that in Nigeria today, there’s someone who’s known as a doer whom they have identified to be associated with his philosophy of action in doing; a kind of working the talk than talking the work. A progressive leader whose progressive government, they have decided to give unflinching support to ensure success .

Ribadu also lauded the ongoing fight against corruption by the Buhari administration, pointing out that over N400b had so far been recovered by EFCC and still counting.

“Under Buhari’s leadership, this country’s foreign reserve has risen to about $45b.” Ribadu said

Ribadu was one of the 2019 APC gubernatorial aspirants in Adamawa state, who were schemed out by alleged manipulations using forged polls results, claimed to be a valid reflection of the choice of the delegates in Adamawa state in the party’s gubernatorial primary election.

The dust is however yet down, the challenge knows no dusk as the case crawls to crush any act of undoing, when the cock would crow at dawn, for a dawn of the new era defining the next level in answer to what next?

Meanwhile, “for Malam Nuhu Ribadu and the Black Cap Revolutionary Movement, it’s all about Buhari and Osinbajo – both in tune with the Black Cap – for continuity to the next level, for now. “Mustapha Atiku Ribadu the leader of the Black Cap Revolutionary Movement would say.

A literary critic argued that Adamawa government, in fact, governor Bindow himself, has not opened however narrow a window, for any form of romantic narrativisation to his favour, either by means of comment on Ribadu’s successes or to congratulate him for being enlisted in the Buhari/Osinbajo presidential campaign organisation, “as much as Bindow was yet to commend Ribadu for the his support group’s contribution to the success of APC. Why should the anti corruption tsar entrust his support to the governor whose leadership has disappointed the elders, the elites and the electorates in the state? The “Book of Eli” should have been misinterpreted for “A Book Of A Lie, ” the literary critic argued.



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