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Adamawa APC Statewide Flag-Off Campaign Faces Drawback In Southern Zone

Adamawa APC Statewide Flag-Off Campaign Faces Drawback In Southern Zone

By Nura Mohammed

The Adamawa APC statewide Flag-Off Campaign train to Toungo for the southern senatorial zone, led by Sen. Mohammed Barata, was disturbed by the disappointed, disgusted and demoralised youths chanting “no tazarce” slogans, burning tires on the street without minding the grace that the campaign train was accommodating deputy governor Martins Babale and some key members in Bindow led government.

Some electorates, while responding to the Periscope Global Investigate, explained that their protest was not against President Muhammadu Buhari a leader who’s sympathetic to the plight of the poor but to the state government that could not provide social amenities.

“Bindow led government, neglects education. Our schools could only be described, in what a poet would observe as ruin cottages, owing to neglect.

“Outstanding salaries are of workers in local government areas and primary healthcare, are only paid simply because it’s campaign season.

“We’re no more for deception. They have their way against us. Now is our say against them,” The electorate explicitly, explained and exasperatedly, exit in expression of expressive ecstasy; moralising Howard Baker.

Abdulrahman Njidda Esq is explicit with his articulation of what is learnt from the disappointing APC statewide flag-off rally in Ganye chiefdom, with his piece titled: Lessons From Ganye Chiefdom. It reads:

As a party man, it is exasperating to witness how our youths rebelled against the APC campaign team touring Adamawa South Senatorial District. particularly, the one at Ganye, Sangassumi Ward, leading to the burning of tyres and singing of notazarce slogans.

No true party man or woman would feel happy and this necessitates this piece to put forward some suggestions to the APC leadership in the State.

I am a realist and always blunt with facts and figures so that those who are serious with the business of winning elections, will take a hint.

Let no one deceives you that these youths are sponsored by any one; to be specific, the opposition.

That demonstration was an off-shoot of a deep seated animosity and no love lost between the leadership and the led which must not be swept under the carpet

In addition, the unfortunate development, was as a result of the inability of political leadership to periodically sit down with our youths to discuss and share ideas about progress and development in the Local Government Area.

In fact, town hall meeting is alien in Ganye as no one has ever organised a town hall meeting that could bring our people from the various wards to brainstorm on governance.

The people feel that they are being let-down and deny participation in the affairs of governance, especially, given the fact that advocacy for youth participation in governance is on the increase.

You hardly look around and point at the dividend of democracy in Ganye, except a motley few Government presence that are negligible in number.

The major problem is that the rate of unemployment in Ganye is at alarming rate and more often than not, we lack programmes that will engage those youths and keep them busy so that their minds will be off with some of their nefarious activities, which turned them into buccaneers, hooligans and thugs!

I know this piece will hurt many, especially, our political leaders, except few who are honest with our party and really want to win elections.

We are aware of all these youths and their leaders as well as the names of their Organisation’s, which we can easily engage, talk to and partner for our own good as a party.

The solution to the rowdy welcome and youths rebellion we just witnessed, is for us to sit down with our youths and their leaders and make them part of the campaign team so that they can also have a sense of belonging.

It is only then that we can douse tension and have a smooth Democratic process

Again, apart from the Adamawa state APC campaign team for Buhari and Bindow, there should be a Local Organising Committee (LOC) at the Local Government levels (Lagos State model) to create inclusiveness and to neutralise the reaction of our rebellion youths.

These youths needs to be talked to and we have no option to this if we really want to win elections.

We in the Adamawa South should ask ourselves why is this youths restlessness not happening at the center and at the northern part of the state?

Why is this growing animosity between the leadership and the led?

In the above, there is a lesson for those who seek victory! Attention: Chief Felix Tangwami , DG Bindow Campaign Organisation.



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