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Saraki Crushed In Kwara

Saraki Crushed In Kwara

By Ishaq Modibbo Kawu

  1. When arrogance is your wings, no matter how high you fly, your end would always be a crash landing. Bukola Saraki just crash-landed in Kwara with a fractured skull. Ó Tó Gé has defeated their o tun ya and the whole state is now singing Ó Tó Ópe (worthy of gratitude)

Those who claimed without them President Buhari wouldn’t have won the 2015 general elections, in 2019, without all of them, Muhammadu Buhari Olowori Oko Aisha Muhammadu Buhari just won his re-election while they all lost theirs. Now we know who is who.

Now we know who truly won the 2015 general elections for Buhari, now we are better informed that Saraki is an empty barrel that makes the loudest noise, now we know that President Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR, is the winner of his own victories, the Phenomena, the Movement that helps others to the next level.

Those pupils in political kindergarten who want to teach their political grandfather the encyclopedia of politics have just failed ordinary 4-+4 continuous assessment test, Saraki was just schooled by those he dared to disrespect.

The Buhari he described as ‘dull and weak’ just proved to be more intelligent and stronger, the Asiwaju, he wanted to teach politics just retired him from it, prematurely. Abdulrasaq Abdulrahman he called ‘novice’ and ‘nocturnal’ politician just brought him out naked in broad daylight to wander in cold winter, Dr. Ibrahim Oloriegbe, the man he called ‘underdog and inconsequential’ just showed him the consequences of looking down on other people, what an irony?

The lousy neighbour has just be gagged for life, the ‘undefeatable’ has just been badly defeated, wounded and demystified.

I have always said that Saraki is overrated, he is not as smart, intelligent or on-ground as he would want us to believe. Only gullible people would see him as a lion that roars while indeed, he is just a cat that can’t even meow. The only tiny rope that sustained him this long was the gullibility mentality of a few people and the mental construction of his infallibility. Kwara people just found him to be a feather weight and have thrown him into the dustbin of nemesis.

Let me repeat, our Creator is a jealous God, He doesn’t like anyone share his powers with Him, He doesn’t delegate His powers and authorities, He does not like when a mortal acts like Him, no man born of a woman is infallible, arrogance is not a gum to sustenance of Allah’s blessings, humility and kindness to fellow beings are the key to eternal sustenance. This is a lesson to all.

Thank God Bukola Saraki is now history and thank God I’m part of the freedom fighters that made this history. I’m eternally honoured.

Kwarans just showed Saraki that it has never been him but us and we have taken back what rightfully belongs to us.

Congratulations to all well-meaning Kwarans for a successful freedom fight, may the state be better for it, Amin.

*Our Ó Tó Gé is now Ó Tó Ópe*.

*Ó Tó Gé … Ó Tó Ópe*




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