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Post Election Violence: Trigger Happy Soldier Shoots Youths Celebrating Buhari’s Victory In Numan

Post Election Violence: Trigger Happy Soldier Shoots Youths Celebrating Buhari’s Victory In Numan

Reports from Numan local government area of Adamawa State Wednesday, alleged a Nigerian Soldier to have opened fire against a group of Muslims celebrating President Muhammadu Buhari’s victory in the 2019 presidential election.

According to reports by the Adamawa State Director Jama’atul Izalatul Bidi’a Wa Iqamatussunnah JIBWIS Social Media, Malam Abdurrasheed Yahaya, the jubilation was not comfortable to a group of Bwatiye Youths who alleged that it has destroyed some of their properties hence must be disrupted.

The allegation for which the casualties of the trigger happy soldier denied.

The disruption of the jubilation by the disenchanted was said to have attraction the attention of the security officers.

One of the Bwatiye Youths was said to have catapulted the soldiers. One of the disenchanted youths, having been pursued, was said to have been hit by a soldier with his boots.

The soldier was said to have returned to the jubilating youths and opened fire at them.

The casualties of the trigger happy soldier are admitted at the General Hospital Numan, Grace Land Hospital Numan and Specialist Hospital Yola.

Malam Abdurrasheed, representing the JIBWIS, has therefore called on the Federal Government, the Nigerian Army to intervene for a redress.

Absulrasheed appealed to the Adamawa state government to settle the medical expenses of the victims as they were being taken care of by their poor parents who have already exhausted their resources

The gunshots casualties the Periscope Global will report, include: Abba Dan Kano, Aisha Umar Peta, Mubarak Ahmad, Kabiru Alpha and Yakuba Ibrahim.



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