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Parasitic Conjoining… Beyond Ballot boxes

Parasitic Conjoining… Beyond Ballot boxes

By Adamu Muhammad Dodo

The birth of conjoined twin babies is becoming rampant in Nigeria, The Periscope Global Investigate will reveal.

This calls for clinical explanation and intensive media awareness on the causes for a global action

Hon. Meshak Sharks Idehen, shared what will seem to be shocking photo of what seems to be a parasitic conjoined twinning.

The living accommodating the lifeless, delivered in Bauchi state.

Meshak a prolific media mediator, shared this to one of our groups social media, seeking for assistance on behalf of the poor parents to be able to get the parasite separated from, leaving the life partner lives.

The Periscope Global Publishers equally joined the popular call, soliciting for a clinical solution to, a separation of the parasitic conjoined twinning.

Nigerian tertiary hospitals have carried out successful separations of conjoined twins. This may not be a strange story.

The issue here is the philanthropists either persons or organisations, or a politician who can put the bill beyond ballot boxes.

We read and reported a story of a aeroplane that couldn’t fly to its destination from airport due to the heavy load of money alleged to be meant for votes buying.

We read and reported story of the intercepted, if I may crudely call it cargo worth worth of foreign currencies smuggled into the country alleged to have been made for votes buying.

Monies in millions were alleged to have been spent on campaigns and votes buying. The beneficiaries could share with, and the politicians can extend their generosity to the needy, the indigent patients whose relatives remained patiently for long hours under the biting son simply to cast their votes.

Invest now to reap the unqualifiable benefits great beyond. PEACE!



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