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Monarchy in Maiha: Idi the impostor violates Fintiri’s order, attends Eid-El-Fitr prayer as district head

Monarchy in Maiha: Idi the impostor violates Fintiri’s order, attends Eid-El-Fitr prayer as district head

The Periscope literati

“Tell Idi that he’s not in anyway a district head. He should therefore, desist from parading himself, in Jalingo-Maiha, as one, because it is inimical to mutual coexistence in the peacemaking, peacekeeping, peace loving and peace living community.

“Failing to comply, will incur the wrath of government that holds tenacious to the idea that peace is an uncompromising treasure; not to be subjected to any form of mortgage, to result in landing it to the morgue; the government that is bend on bringing fresh air and peaceful atmosphere beffiting of unity,” the Periscope paraphrasing governor Fintiri’s directive to be communicated to the impostor, by HRH the Emir of Mubi.

Idi Wakili Usman Shehu, whom the court order restrained from parading himself as district head of Jalingo-Maiha district, whom governor Umaru Ahmadu Fintiri warned against instigating violence in Maiha by attending Eid prayer as district head, has got strong head in doing away with governor Fintiri’s directive as he has done away with the court order repeatedly.

“It was governor Bindow that has appointed me district head. I’m not honouring orders by anybody from anywhere,” Idi seemed to be reacting with his actions.

The Periscope reporting crime, would reveal that on receiving the governor Fintiri’s warning, pretending to have left for Yola, Idi was said to have spent the night in Matisimin, a town few kilometers away from, only to enter Jalingo-Maiha, escorted by, like what a poet would describe as “hyena foremen”, well-armed hunters as bodyguards, hungering for any mayhem, should there any resistance, to would register the Fintiri’s Eid-El-Fitr’s restriction against the impostor Idi; their lordship.

“Idi attended the Eid-El-Fitr prayer as district head of Jalingo-Maiha, Tuesday under well armed hunters in black, as self-appointed bodyguards, in addition to one palace guard in red, intended to intimidate the faithfuls” Ibi, a Jalingo-Maiha based would lament.

Who could have endorsed the permission for Idi, in continued violation of court order, playing the district headship to flaunt Fintiri’s directive not to observe Eid-El-Fitr prayer in Jalingo-Maiha?

The Head of Service, now acting as chairman Maiha local government area, technically, playing the leadership autonomy, was said to have been the mastermind.

The Head of Service was said to have accused the security operatives in Maiha of being biased against Idi for writing security reports and compiling evidences of his romance with the contempt of court.

A security source revealed to the Periscope reporting crime that it was the head of service that invited Idi to grace the Eid-El-Fitr prayer in Maiha, though not as a district head.

While honouring the invitation by his seeming ally, the Head of Service, Idi was said to have written to the security agencies, village heads and the general public, with a view to receiving him as a district head, coming to lead the Eid.

Earlier, security report articulated that
Idi Wakili Usman Shehu, a party to the tussle of the throne of Jalingo Maiha district, arrived Mayo Nguli, the local government headquarters on June 3, 2019 at about 1:30pm.

Idi’s arrival at Maiha Monday, has compounded to the already existing tension associated with his letter of invitation.

The tension was brought to the attention of some elders, stakeholders in peace project and prominent title holders of the district led by Alhaji Abdulkadir Adamu, the Waziri of Jalingo Maiha district, to report the ugly development to the Divisional Police Officer (DPO), Maiha Division of the Nigeria police, lest it degenerate into anarchy.

The elders, the stakeholders in peace project and the title holders, have with great effort, been subduing the aggrieved public to submit to peace in painful patience not to take law beyond its bound.

“Sallah is an event associated with traditional institution. Hence, to an average subject, allowing the impostor Idi Wakili Usman Shehu to egoistically present himself as district head during the Sallah, would amount to ridiculing the legacy they legitimately hold tenacious.”

Based on the “Idinated” threat to peace, a security report recommended that Idi the subject of, now objectified or “thingified” by self-desperation defined as overambitiousness capable of resulting to societal-destruction, be directed to go back and observe the Eid-El-Fitr in Yola where he worked and lived with his family.

The report suggested that Idi the impostor could be reached through the Mubi Emirate Council or the government house.

In spite of the action taken based on the security recommendation brilliantly packaged with a view to having a fresh air in Maiha after the defeat of Idi’s master with PVC, Idi was not to honour the executive order as much as he snubbed the court order to the realm of ridicule.

“The guy is practically playing above the law. It is making a local hero out of him as villagers are convinced that he’s untouchable. Little wonder you see the ill informed visiting to pay homage, to register Sallah greetings to one whose contempt of court remained unquestioned. If he should be eat his cake and still have it, then our security, the judiciary and leadership command have a long way to go in addressing challenges posed by impostors,” a critic contributed.



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