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Monarchy in Maiha: Fintiri’ll not last for more than 3 months from the Eid-El-Fitr day – Idi

Monarchy in Maiha: Fintiri’ll not last for more than 3 months from the Eid-El-Fitr day – Idi

  • Idi is living in bondage of Bindow’s dream – Ibi

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The ardent supporters, almost turned faithful followers of Idi Wakili Usman Shehu, whom the court order restrained and governor Fintiri forbade from parading himself as district head of Jalingo-Maiha district, have conceived extraordinariness in their seeming above-the-law master, eating his cake and having, it with no Hillux mopping him to Yola in spite of the stubborn refusal on his part, to honour the executive and judicial order.

Speaking to the Periscope crime scene reporter in Jalingo-Maiha, a villager from around the district, an ardent faithful to Idi, Buba said to be his name was, representing a village group, said to be in Jalingo-Maiha to pay Sallah homage and in solidarity with the Bindow appointed, court nullified, Fintiri condemned and subjects disowned district head, explained why, as they were told, the impostor would play the legitimacy to the district headship by rubbishing the orders intended to rob him of his Royal Robb.

“His Highness Idi has challenged the unfair judgement passed by a Yola High Court before the Court of Appeal sitting in Yola where his legitimacy to the throne will be spelt out against the doubting Thomas. Challenging the ruling means retaining the throne before the final superior judgement.

“Since it was governor Bindow not the Mubi Emirate Council that has appointed His Royal Highness Idi, neither governor Fintiri nor the Emir of Mubi has any moral justification for adjudicating what’s not within their jurisdiction.

“Idi was specifically invited by the Head of Service in acting capacity as chairman Maiha local government authority, to grace the Eid-El-Fitr in Maiha. Since there’s now an approved local government autonomy, Idi is independent of the Adamawa governor on matters relating to the district headship. He can’t be disgraced for gracing an honoured invitation.

“Besides, Fintiri’ll not last for more than 3 months in office from the Eid-El-Fitr day. Mind you, he’s facing the post-election tribunal, he can escape being humiliated out of office,” Buba said. “You know, whatever HRH Idi said, always come to pass.”

The Periscope will report that Idi with some of those around him, perhaps promised for council membership, has been mobilising, inviting villagers to rally round him; some as escorts, some as simply supporters to accompany him to pay Sallah homage to HRH the Emir of Mubi, tomorrow being Thursday, as a district head of Jalingo-Maiha.

However, a source closed to the Mubi Emirate Council, Wednesday disclosed a disclaimer while speaking to the Periscope crime scene reporter in Mubi that neither the Emir nor the Mubi Emirate Council was aware of the impostor’s move to indict the traditional authority of contempt of court and disregard of governor Fintiri’s directive.

“With the Bindow’s defeat and the coming of new government, the Wambai a council member who has been conspiring with the then Bindow against the Emir, the palace and the Emirate, who has been shielding the impostor to justify the role played in producing him, has no influence any longer in the Emirate Council,. Therefore, the Council will not align with, by allowing the impostor for a homage mission,” a source closed to the Mubi Emirate would remark.

Ibi an electorate based in Maiha would simply argue that Idi with his deafening followers was apparently living in bondage of Bindow’s dream.

“They said Bindow must succeed himself in the 2019 gubernatorial election, to enforce the throne on Idi against due process and legitimacy. It failed.

“They said HE Umaru Ahmadu Fintiri would not be sworn in as governor of Adamawa state on May, 29. Fintiri was eventually sworn in on May 29.

“Now they’re saying that Fintiri will not last for more than three months as governor because the law with the court Idi vehemently disrespects, will sack Fintiri out of government house. That’s another hoax waiting to put them to shame.

“It’s only unfortunate that law is yet to caught up with him. Idi is capitalising on that to deceive the gullible villagers; fallacy of fact hypnotism indeed,” Ibi would say.



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