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Monarchy in Maiha: How allied aliens conspire to destroy district, take tyranny into the aristocracy for anarchy

Monarchy in Maiha: How allied aliens conspire to destroy district, take tyranny into the aristocracy for anarchy

The Periscope eavesdropper

Juta, Javan, Jelani, Idi, Kwachacha, others, have no business representing Jalingo-Maiha District – Youth group

Enough is enough the attack against our mutual coexistence by the architects of anarchy – Elders

It would appear that governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri of Adamawa State is more conversant with the geography, sociology and history of Maiha local government area than the governors: Juta and Bindow, the local government could get to disappointedly produce, not because he is a historian but owing to his leadership skills with a view to restoring public confidence in democratic government against “fascist-demon-corruptic system,” taking a syncategorematic consideration of the different forms of democracy.

Mr. Wilberforce Juta has led a long journey Monday, with the mission to forcefully? challenge governor Fintiri for directing that court order should be honoured, hence Barr. Mahmud Abubakar Suleiman the heir to the late District Head of Jalingo-Maiha should be approved as one deserving of the stool.

Those who were said to have joined the Juta journey to Dougirei Hill include; Javan, Jelani, Idi and Kwachacha among others.

However, governor Fintiri would not see them because their mission was not about Pakka District they all hailed from but about the monarchy in Jalingo-Maiha district they have no business interfering.

A youth group in Jalingo-Maiha District told the Periscope investigative reporter that neither Idi the Bindow appointment and the court disowned, nor Bindow himself the defeated by self-deceit, nor his uncle referred to as teacher, nor Isa Yahya the Bindow apologist the current member Adamawa State House of Assembly misrepresenting Maiha local government area, nor Juta with his long journeying group to seemingly enforce tyranny to the monarchy; the composite of all representing the impostor’s sponsors, with some footsoldiers, were indigenes of Jalingo-Maiha District to have found any ground intruding into the affairs of the aristocracy.

The elders in Jalingo-Maiha District spoken to, lamented that it was a case of allied aliens, previously supported by a dictatorial governor, in conspiracy to destroy the district, tried to take tyranny into the aristocracy for anarchy. However, governor Fintiri has done justice in rescuing the situation.

The elders in Jalingo-Maiha district have warned that “enough is enough of the intrusion against peaceful coexistence by the architects of anarchy.”

On their part, the heirs to the late district head of Jalingo-Maiha interviewed said, they welcomed the intrusion in good faith.

“Before being curved out for a district, Pakka was under Jalingo-Maiha District and our father ruled the entire area for about thirty years.

“The Pakka intruders are only given us the invitation of the legitimacy to contest the district headship of Pakka whenever there’s the vacancy,” The heirs assured.

“Governor Fintiri is tagged as “ATM”, not a “DIGITAL” governor. He honours his words as much as he cherishes Justice.

“DIGITAL is what is being referred to a former governor, owing to his deception to the point of degenerating the state into “a republic of liars, as Wole Soyinka with would succinctly describe in his “InterInventions – Between Defective Memory and the Public Lie – A Personal Odyssey in the Republic of Liars.”

“We trust that groups with peaceful mission will soon in troops throng Jalingo-Maiha celebrating the reclaiming of the throne having thrown out the impostor, when governor Fintiri would have made the final endorsement,” a literary critic would articulate.



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