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Abbati 19 who raped the five year old girl, is transferred to remand home, activist laments

Abbati 19 who raped the five year old girl, is transferred to remand home, activist laments

The Periscope crime scene reporter

Abbati the 19 years old assailant who confessed to brutally raping a five year old girl as he was also reported to have raped a goat, was eventually taken to remand home, Hauwa the Human Right activist would reveal to the Periscope crime scene reporter.

What could have happened before the law to have warranted such a soft landing to such a Shilla trait, poorly raised, beastly rapist on whose account a goat was killed and thrown away, not slaughtered for meat, on whose account a five year old girl almost lost her life and is painfully receiving treatment at FMC Yola for which neither the rapist nor his parents could put the hospital bill?

Can a 19 year old assailant be treated as juvinile delinquent?

Has the records of Abbati the beastly assailant really been altered as the Periscope informant at the remand home,Yola north, Adamawa State Northeast Nigeria would allege that two years were reduced from the assailant’s age, to be rescued from being tried before the law and from being serving jail term?

Who could be the allies to the conspiracy against the innocent five years old girl in the suppression of Abbati’s record?

The PPRO’s line was not going through to be able to confirm whether or not the police force was aware of the development.

Abbati’s parents were earlier reported as saying that their son must not face the law, must not go to prison for whatever his crime that could be induced by temptation and that they would do everything possible to put the doubting Thomas to shame by clearing their son clean of any crime.

Recall that the Periscope has on its September 3 edition, reported that “rape case of five years old girl by a beastly Abbati 19, who was reported to have earlier raped a goat, holden at the Upper Area Court 3 in Yola, Adamawa State, northeast Nigeria, Tuesday was adjourned to September 12, 2019.

“The Defence Counsel sent a letter to inform the Court that he would be unavoidably absent. He therefore, requested the case to be adjourned to September 12, 2019.”

It would appear that the case of the rape of a minor would not be heard on Thursday, and perhaps any longer because the 19 years is reduced to 17 years and jail is reduced to remand home with the adult rapist being reduced to a juvinile delinquent. A literary critic lamented.

This could not go down well with the civil society organisations and the Human Right activists who would argue that justice must simply and sincerely take its course.

“Abbati the rapist, must be made to put the hospital bills for the total treatment of his 5 years old victim. He must be charged in millions of naira as compensation for his savage act.

“Abbati the rapist must also be castrated to keep goats and minors free from his assaults in future,” Hauwa Garba would the Human Right activist would advocate.

Garba has revealed to the Periscope crime scene reporter that the five years old girl who has been wounded by the beastly-from-adult-rapist-to-juvinile-delinquent Abbati would go for a another round of surgery tomorrow being Tuesday, while the heartless are manipulating to spare the criminal.

If Abba was not adult, what took him to the adult world and abusing adult life?

Underage should not consider having sex, not to talk of raping a goat and eventually, a five year old girl. Abbati the adult rapist must face the law, he has no business with the juvenile delinquent at remand home in Yola.



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