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Monarchy In Maiha: Police ensures security at Central Mosque


The Periscope reporter

The alleged poorly rehearsed, Pakka-related full of fallacy script for even a literary consideration, would not be allowed a stage or a scene for reality show in Jalingo-Maiha District.

“Do in Pakka for the Pakkas. When in Jalingo-Maiha, do for the district the demand of their people to live in peace.” The word on the marble is a word of the man of wisdom in Jalingo-Maiha.

Those whose lineage built the palace, whose heir as endorsed, is approved to take over as the District Head if Jalingo-Maiha, have remain, maintaining peace for mutual coexistence, pleading with the people to keep pact with patience, are patiently waiting for the governor’s approval, as spelt out by the court order in the sense that the Adamawa state government, could not appeal against the judgment.

The impostor has no case for appeal. The Mubi Emirate Council unanimously selected from the nominated and presented before the Adamawa state governor only for approval not overrule, Mahmud Abubakar Suleiman as the legitimate Ubandoma Mubi, the legitimate District Head of Jalingo-Maiha.

The former governor Bindow, distorting the traditional order, arbitrarily appointed Wakili Usman Shehu known as Idi, alleged to be following the directives of the cabal that promised him a continuity, as though the cabal controlled fate.

The former governor’s act was challenged before a Yola High court that overruled the governor’s excesses and undue interference in the traditional council’s exercise. The court considered due process and legitimacy against corrupting the cultural and religious heritage.

The then Adamawa state government or the former governor could not register an appeal against the judgment. The governor could only take to fascism in dishonouring court order with impunity, allowing impostor to peddle anarchy to the monarchy known for peace.

Ignorantly, the impostor was misguided to file an appeal against the judgment when it should have been the government so challenged that ought to do so.

The impostor has no case, he did not arrogate to himself the district headship. Why should he appeal against the ruling? Which case file is he even using for the appeal?

“The impostor was invited by the new chairman Maiha local government, simply to fly the kite. It was however crushed at the test run stage.

“The new chairman is of Pakka origin, as much as the former interim chairman, backed the impostor to continue the impunity in contempt of court order.

“Idi the impostor was invited by Idi of Pakka to the security meeting because governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri would be in Mubi on Friday after visiting to commiserate with the people of Madagali and Michika.

“Requesting for permission to have access to Central Mosque through the gate used by the District Head by the invited impostor, was equally requesting for anarchic protection from the security officials the impostor would want to have indicted in fascist style against the law.

“After the Friday prayers, should it be protected from being bloody, as the faithful would not allow a second chance desecration of their worshipping place, the impostor would be led by the cabal’s commander, accompanied by the accomplices to the conspiracy, to take their achievement before the Adamawa state governor in Mubi, so that the Mubi Emirate Council would be directed to consider legitimacy to the impostor,” a man with an ear to the ground in Maiha, anonymously disclosed to the Periscope reporter.

The Police and other security agencies would not allow the nonsense. The DPO has not only lambasted the crazy thought of opening the door to a desecrating anarchy in the Central Mosque on Friday, he equally condemned it as amounting to contempt of court order.

The worshippers have observed an improved security in the Mosque on Friday. It was said to be on the orders of the DPO against the cabal to conspiracy in defence of an established order.

While Governor Fintiri was reported to have spent his Friday in Mubi, the disappointed impostor unwillingly left Maiha for Yola on Thursdays. The cabal in conspiracy and complacency to anarchy against the monarchy in Jalingo-Maiha district, were eventually hit by additional embarrassment on Friday.

The youth group in Maiha, speaking to the Periscope reporter on Saturday, commended the security agencies in Maiha.

“We’re planing to honour the security agencies in Maiha for their diligence, dedication to selfless service and for keeping peace.

“There’s peace in Jalingo-Maiha district. There’s peace in our worshipping places,” the youth group said.

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