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Who could be next?

By Maijama’a Adamu

While we grieve and lament over the latest lethal assault on all of us by these blood thirsty monsters, Boko Haram, which indeed is a shared grief to humanity, one feels rationalized to ask, who’s next?

When we celebrated the capture of Sambisa forest by the Nigerian Army few years back we naively thought it was the long awaited final end for these dreaded monsters.

As fall out of that heroic fit of the gallantry of the Nigerian Armed Forces we watched exhibitions of relics from the asylum of Abubakar Shekau. We were also shown a French nationale captured alive in the forest but we were starved of further details of him thereafter.

Sambisa was thereafter designated for the annual ceremony of the popular shooting range of the Nigerian Army.

That capture was real. I watched BBC’s Sale Jimeh’s documentary shot from that fortified forest. Everything was real. It came at huge cost though, of lives and material resources. My elder brother was part of those lives. Cut short in his prime, in his army comourflage, fighting for fatherland.

Years after that success story we are now being shown videos of aerial bombardment of insurgents in their hideouts in the same Sambisa. They took back the forest. What went wrong for God sake?

Our home grown solution had worked temporarily. Boko Haram had since metamorphosed to ISWA and merged with ISIS. They blacked mailed us into negotiation and parting with huge sums and releases of their captured commanders. They access more lethal weapons, restratgise and unleash more tormenting terror on us. Grief and despondency and suspicion are overtaking us once more.

In my naivety I feel like we should reach out to Putin for help. He is faithful to his allies. The US could not even release our military hardwares years after we paid fully for them. We need to explore the alternative of our homegrown strategies. How else do we get different results from recycled pattern?

May Allah intercede for us all.

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