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The Periscope Commends Commissioner, The Scope

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The Periscope Global Publishers Friday, commending the commissioner of Information Adamawa state, northeast Nigeria, Dr Umar Garba Pella, for reorganising the management of the Adamawa Press limited APL; publishers of the Scope weekly tabloid by weeding the sentiment harbouring, harbingers of disintegration that were bent on undermining the ethical standard of journalism.

In a press release, as an outcome of the visit to the Scope, Dr. Adamu Muhammad Dodo the Periscope lead publisher, described the intervention of the Commissioner of Information to rescue the Scope from the professional decay, was a welcome development, noting that the recognition of the fact that APL, the only surviving state owned newspaper in the northeast, has for long been underutilised due largely to lack of intuition, innovation, administrative efficiency and effectiveness, was an encouragement and a hope that critical thinking with the spirit of entrepreneurship would be rekindled.

“Frankly speaking, APL has the capacity to go beyond weekly publication; in part due to the capability of the staff in the production section and largely due to the technology that has for long remained underutilised.

“The Hon Commissioner of Information Dr. Umar Garba Pella has rightly observed that the Scope could be a source of revenue for the state having capable hands as managers.

“Government publications can be done in APL; Diaries, Calendars, fliers, posters, stickers, memos, notebooks, school registers and text books among other publications.

“It could also be commercialised and the services be made affordable in such a way that that those manning printing press in the state will have no need risking their lives traveling to Kaduna, Abuja or Lagos for bulk publication,” Dodo said.

Dodo lauded the commissioner’s foresight in appointing Danjuma Buba to serve as acting general manager, following the retirement of the former general manager and for appointing Willie Zalwalai as the new editor of the Scope newspaper following the necessary transfer of the former editor, who grade level would only get to be accommodated in the ministry.

“The the appointments are, to say the least, worthy. Danjuma has been a Cartoonist with the Scope for decades before moving to the production department and eventually, to be upgraded to the position of production manager, which was the last before the current appointment.

“It will not be the first time for Willie Zalwalai to serve as editor. He has had the previous experience, hence good to go.

“The duo have since restored the workers’ confidence in the Scope management and administration. Even though there are still some leftover renegades scheming against collective psych for disintegration with uncalled-for and unconstructive petitions, the hypocrites are known for. To be able to allow efficiency and effectiveness, devoid of sabotage in the Scope, the remaining antagonists to progress must be transferred out.

“Already, we’ve started seeing improvements in terms of quality of the Scope production; the news and entertainment contents and the quantity of the pages and copies produced, which left us with no doubt that the Scope staff and management are now working as a team, defeating mutual suspicion and acrimony inhered the previous management.

“This fit has indeed called for a ceremony; it means that confirming the appointment of Danjuma Buba from his acting capacity to the general manager will serve as motivating factor for a result oriented service,” Dodo said.

Dodo has called on the commissioner of information to work out the means of getting the public relations officers with the state and local governments trained on news writing and reporting so that the PR angle of the entire ministries and paraststals would get to be adequately covered.

“I’m calling on the commissioner of information, to work out the means of getting the entire public relations officers in all the MDAs and local government authorities trained on news waiting and events reporting to be able to be made functional and to be able to report the PR angles of the MDAs. The Scope, I’m convinced can facilitate the training, with the new management,” Dodo said.

Dodo has called on the new management of the Scope to be in tune with the new or online media era with a view to reporting the Adamawa state news and events adequately, daily.

(NEON reports)

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