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Michika/Madagali Electricity: Between Gov Fintiri and Sen Abbo

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There have been some contraries and divergent interests leading to a feeling of discomfort between Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri of Adamawa and Senator Ishaku Abbo Cliff, representing the northern senatorial district of Adamawa state, northeast Nigeria.

Fintiri and Cliff are both from the same senatorial district. They equally belong to the same political party; the PDP.

One would have thought that the drum used in celebrating the victory at the poll, should not be used to sing for war, even though William Blake, one of the early romantic poets would articulate that “without contraries… is no progression.”

Can we take it to mean that scandal and however constructive a criticism could be joined as a challenge to instigate progress rather than retrogression?

What went wrong in the political romance to have degenerated into what can be considered as a media war between the duo?

The Periscope and other mostly online media, have been reporting attacks launched by Abbo against Fintri’s leadership style as that which only breeds dissention and deception aimed at divide and rule.

A media aid to governor Fintiri, the Periscope granted interview previously, responding to Cliff’s attack on his principal said, they did not consider what he called “Sen. Abbo’s vituperations, using the media,” as anything important other than a “youthful exuberance flexing irresponsibility,” adding that Abbo went through the rigmarole of accusing his principal of using ethno-religious sentiments, before realising that it would not work in Adamawa state.

“His latest conceived deception, using the media, was on Michika/Madagali power project. We do not intend to join issue with the boy Abbo, but there’s the responsibility to keeping the electorates free from being electrocuted by the lies on the electricity, electronically disseminated,” Fintiri’s media aid said.

Joining the Commissioner of information, in defence of his principal, the media aid to governor Fintiri revealed what they considered as lies for libel, a fallacy shielded in the realm of the senator’s myth.

The following is the full text of what Fintiri’s media aid considered as Cliff’s Claims:

Contrary to the misleading information being peddled by a serving Senator from Adamawa state of a dispute between him and Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri over efforts at reconnecting Michika and Madagali Communities with electricity, the state Government has gained the upper hand with the immediate take off of the project.

I can reliably inform the public that all needed for the project have been provided with 65 percent of the contract sum paid to the contractors.

Work has already commenced as 29 Transformers and all the Poles needed for the project are on ground. Right now, it is a matter of weeks before power supply will be restored to the communities.

The Senator who claimed to have started the process of restoring power to Michika and Madagali in October, 2019 and promised that the residents would celebrate Christmas with electricity, which gladdened the hearts of the Governor and people of the area has clearly failed several months after his promise.

He had also claimed to have hired consultants to assess the damage to the power lines of Michika and Madagali and has written letters to the Yola Electricity Distribution Company and the North East Development Commission, aside visiting the Minister of Power on the need to reconnect the area to the National Grid.

He also claimed to have allocated resources towards the execution of the project.

Whether these claims are true or not the most important issue here is to get the area reconnected with electricity.

Unfortunately, the Senator has become paranoid and is attacking Governor Fintiri over His Excellency’s determined and evidently effective efforts at getting the Michika/Madagali axis to enjoy infrastructural facilities including electricity.

The Senator, should know better that legislative business follows due process of sponsoring bills, motions, lobbying and budgetary allocation which he has not been seen doing.

It is also on record that the extension of power to Mubi, Michika and Madagali is from Damboa through Uba Askira and not from Mubi as claimed by the Senator, though, recently work is on progress to put Mubi and the other towns on the 33KVA Power line.

Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintir’s resolve to ensure that the people of Michika and Madagali return to the good days of power supply is not motivated by any consideration, but the welfare of the people.

On the other hand, the action is an attempt to provide damaging narratives about the good intentions of Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri.

It is therefore not surprising that the Senator has engaged in weaving conspiracy theories concerning the restoration of power supply to Michika and Madagali, which has been cut off from National Grid following the activities of Boko Haram insurgents.

Governor Fintiri will not be distracted by the actions of the Senator. Accordingly, His administration is committed to serving the people and ensuring the delivery of the dividends of Democracy through its Eleven Point Agenda.

The anti Fintiri Campaign is highly despicable, unjustified, embarrassingly shameful, uncalled for and is doomed to fail.

It will only be an act of feigning ignorance and mischief if anyone living in Adamawa State is in oblivious of the tremendous and daring policies and programmes that are making Adamawa work again.

All concerned should therefore advise the Senator and his cohorts to play politics with decorum, sincerity and a genuine desire to uplift the living standards of the people.

Governor Fintiri is committed to these ideals and invites genuine patriots to join him in this onerous tasks.



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