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Corona Now Closer Home

By Hon. Sadiq Ibrahim Dasin

The 67 year old late Sulaiman Achimugu, first victim of Coronavirus in Nigeria though had underlying medical issues and was actually undergoing chemotherapy for cancer, was the father of a friend of my friend who told me of his demise at home this morning. I know someone who knows the daughter of a victim of the virus. Thus the virus is closer home .

Whether the deceased has had contact with his family or his friends since his return from UK, which is yet to be determined, is a matter of great concern. And whether those he has had contact with has had contact with other persons is even a greater cause for concern.

Then this one. Just yesterday, an NNPC staff told me of his colleague, a lady who returned from America two weeks ago, and has been going to work. Though all her colleagues were afraid of shaking hands or going closer to her, non could muster the courage to tell her to stay at home as she kept saying she was fine.

It was only on Friday that a staff secretly informed the medical unit that asked her to stay away from work.

Now I understand she is ill. Only God knows how many people she came in contact with from her return to the country. And of those she had contact with.cOnly God knows how many people in or outside the NNPC have they have contact with.

On the allegation that the House of Representatives members who reportedly returned to the country are refusing ordinary testing at the Airport, and knowing that they have gone to their families straight from the Airport, that is also a cause for even a much greater concern.

Again closer home, the son of the former Vice President Atiku Abubakar has tested positive to the virus and is in isolation at University of Abuja Teaching Hospital, Gwagwalada, Abuja just as the Bauchi state Governor Bala Mohammed (who has had contact with the son of the former Vice President, in Lagos), is reportedly is in self isolation.

Today, because of denial of even the existence of the Coronavirus by the clergy from our two main religions who keep misleading their flock, to refusal to subject one’s self to ordinary testing at the Airport, and our collective refusal to maintain social distancing in markets, offices and in places of worship, it appears that if we don’t change our ways, we may be in for big trouble in this country.

It is not too late to take severe measures to prevent the spread of the virus.


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