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This  piece is to enlighten the people of Adamawa State on giant strides made by Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri

1. Security: Security is the number of priority this government have put in place, in order to curb the menace of Shila and cattle rustling the Governor purchased 60 hilux vans for the security agencies under the auspices Operation Farauta.

The Governor has been giving resources and attention to the security forces adequately whenever they’re in need.

In order to strengthen the war against insurgency in the northern part of the states, the Governor have made provisions for the payment of allowances to Vigilantes sacrificing their lives in the frontlines.

2. Human capital development: Human capital is the stock of habits, knowledge, social and personality attributes (including creativity) embodied in the ability to perform labour so as to produce economic value. In the development of human capital the Governor has made the following his top priorities.

A-Education: the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially at a school cannot be possible without proper planning and execution of policies that would boost education in the state. The Governor has ensured that basic education is free thereby encouraging parents to send their wards to school, WAEC and NECO examination fees are free to ease the burden of costs on the common man in the rural areas,he has ensured the payments of UBE matching grants from 2017-2020 which would facilitate the construction and rehabilitation of 5000 classrooms across the state. Most have been completed so far.

b. Free WAEC and NECO fees: Gov Fintiri has already paid for the upcoming WAEC and NECO fees for all Adamawa state SS3 students totalling over 20,000 students. This can mean nothing to urban dwellers, but to a subsistence farmer with a number of children who are due for SSCE it’s everything. Lack of WAEC and NECO fees have made a lot of students drop outs thereby ending as cultists and Shila boys terrorizing the metropolis.
c. Free school fees: Gov Fintiri’s anthem during his campaigns was free school fees for everyone, his first action as the Governor was actualizing that. Today school fees is free in all Government schools in Adamawa state.
d. BESDA: Better Education Service Delivery

The Governor also reintroduced feeding for boarding schools which was abandoned by the previous administration, the Governor has keyed in BESDA, a world bank funded program to reduce the number of out of school children which started since 2017 but the state never got involved until the Governor came into office. This program provides enrolled students with uniforms, school bags and books in order to encourage the enrollment of out of school children.

There were days when teachers and parents used to gather money to buy chalk in order to get their wards education, but now the government has provided all adequate materials for the smooth learning process of students in government schools across the state.

After almost a decade of non payments of scholarships to students of higher institutions despite the fact that they were made to purchase forms multiple times, the Governor promised and ensured payments directly into the accounts of the students.

B-Primary health care: Primary Health Care, or PHC refers to “essential health care” that is based on scientifically sound and socially acceptable methods and technology. This makes universal health care accessible to all individuals and families.
The Governor facilitated the clearing and transportation of medical equipments rotting away in the docks for years.

There’s a total overhaul of the specialist hospital Yola ongoing, and lastly Adamawa state remains one of the states that prepared for the covid 19 pandemic with all necessary equipments and precautions even before it came into the state.

The state remains one of the best in management of the COVID-19 pandemic around the country.

C- Agriculture : The state government has keyed in to some agricultural partnerships which is not yet in the public domain at the moment.

3. Infrastructure: the basic physical and organizational structures and facilities (e.g. buildings, roads, power supplies) needed for the operation of a society or enterprise.

A-Road construction: This also the state government have concentrated its efforts on Rural access roads through counterpart funding with RAMP. Right now over 340 kilometers of road construction has been awarded and is ongoing a cross the 21 LGA of the state. This is also another effort in order for the peasant farmers in the rural areas access to urban markets, thereby increasing the state IGR.

28 kilometer road construction has been awarded with the state capital.

The state government still made the rest of the payments to contractors necessary for the completion of the projects started by the previous projects embarked by the previous administration.

Thanks to Local government Autonomy, even local governments are now embarking on road constructions because of the total control of their funds.

B-Water : the state government have completed the purchase and installations of modern water pumping machines for the state water board. Now the water boards is supplying water to the masses within the metropolis.

The Local government Autonomy has enabled LGAs to also rehabilitate and construct new Boreholes where necessary in their respective LGAs.

C-Power : Adamawa state government has awarded the contracts for the electrification of Toungo LGA after almost 3 decades without ever having power.

After 6 years without electricity as a result of vandalism by insurgency, The Adamawa state government also awarded the the contract for the electrification of Madagali and Michika and reconnection to the nation grid, which is also in execution.

The state government also awarded the electrification of dumna in Guyuk LGA.

4- Poverty alleviation programs: Poverty reduction, or poverty alleviation, is a set of measures, both economic and humanitarian, that are intended to permanently lift people out of poverty. … The dawn of the Industrial Revolution led to high economic growth, eliminating mass poverty in what is now considered the developed world.

The main objectives are to: monitor and evaluate poverty reduction policies, ensuring their incorporation into the macroeconomic frameworks including the PRSP process; enhance national capacity, sustaining policy dialogue on poverty; empower the poor to improve their access to livelihood opportunities.

The state government have lifted the burden of payments of school fees and WAEC and NECO, the secondary schools feeding program has has also lifted the burden of using their limited resources to provide foods for their children in boarding school, thereby preserving their resources directly and with rural access roads they can sell their products with value in the major markets, which is also an important in increment of the states IGR and the GDP of the country entirely.

The past administrations has made Pilgrimage a priority while in this administration the state government would no longer sponsor Pilgrimage because it’s considered as a wastage of our limited resources, this is why all these direct impact projects were able to be possible.

Auwal Hamza



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