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Brand new transformer heads to Maiha, as road grading moves fast to Belel

* Dr. Idi Amin Pakka is a servant leader who works on campaign promises as a manifesto – The electorates

The Periscope Reporter

“Finally, brand new not refurbished, N44 million worth transformer, on its way to Maiha now.”

This was the text message that the Hon. Chairman Maiha local government, Idi Amin Pakka, sent to the Periscope publisher at about 6:28pm Friday, being today, as an appetizer to complement the date sent from Maiha, the publisher breaks his fast with, just before observing Magrib prayer.

“To God be the glory for the accomplished task. Thanks to the ATM the Fresh Air government for the total support in getting Maiha out of suffocation. Thanks to the MD Yola Electricity Distribution Company YEDC for hearkening to our call against any hacking. Thanks to the Periscope for the investigative report, holding leaders accountable and for the encouragement with updates.

“You’ve jointly greased my elbows and lubricated my joints. Your efforts have indeed served as a support as cooperation and as a pain reliever in leadership,” Idi Amin said.

Recall that the Periscope has reported lamentations of lockdown in the face of blackout in the headquarters of Maiha local government area, which the citizens painfully but patiently endured peacefully, for about one year out of which Hon. Idi Amin Pakka, the present chairman, has only four months for which he said he was restless; struggling to ensure that electricity was restored in the area.

“Speaking with an expert at the Yola Electricity Distribution Company YEDC on condition of anonymity, revealed that Maiha local government headquarters is fed on 5MVA  33/11KV Power Transformer; 1No Power Switch and Power Cable.

“The transformer in Maiha, by the expert  assessment, is badly damaged or vandalised that it would require a new one, which could cost between ten million to fifteen million naira,” the Periscope reported.

It appears that the transformer was underestimated by the expert. The latest  transformer that Hon Idi sourced for Maiha is valued at N44 million.

Grading of the road from Mayo-Nguli to Belel as the Periscope keeps monitoring, is also in earnest. The work is as impressive as it is moving fast to beat the heavy downpour ahead, as the weather forecast could reveal.

The road leading to several districts of Maiha was abandoned for decades. Idi Amin said the grading was simply to accomplish campaign promise and to honour the popular call.

The electorates in the districts that constitute Maiha local government area interviewed by the Periscope, defined Idi Amin as a servant leader who nurtures the philosophy of service to humanity and philanthropy and who works on campaign promises as a manifesto.

They acknowledged his efforts in bringing the districts closer by reviving an abandoned road that is federal by nature, as much as they commended him for the electricity among other projects.



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  21. Dick Waterman

    June 3, 2021 at 7:46 am

    This is similar to the form of an attack.

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