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Accusing Nyako Of Fanning Ethno-religious Embers While Demanding For Good Governance Isn’t A Bailout Of Misgovernment – Aid tells PDP

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The aid to Sen. Abdulaziz Murtala Hammanyero Nyako, Comrade Aliyu Saad, has responded to a response by the PDP Adamawa state chairman Barr. A.T. Shehu, of the challenge thrown by the Nyako that Adamawa state is in a state of mourning, kind of sober reflection, owing to the insecurity that is reflected in Lamurde and Guyuk local government areas, consumed by exhumed communal conflicts, the Shila atrocity that the citizenry will have to take law into their hands by carrying out the worse form of savagery as a means to end the atrocity; burning the criminals alive, which as an end in itself, makes another form of inhumanity and insecurity, simply because the citizenry has lost complete confidence that law will ever take its course in a war against the Shila-a-za-tion of the state.

A.T. Shehu and/or PDP is or are understood to have accused the Nyako of whipping up Ethno-religious sentiment aimed at bringing down governor Fintiri’s popularity.

“The Sen irked by the development in his party decided to wipe ethno-religious sentiments oblivious of the fact that Adamawa State has gone beyond such primordial sentiments.

“The physical presence of H.E Rt. Hon Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri at both the Tingno-Tito and Lafiya-Lamurde-Guyuk crisis speaks a volume of a caring and responsible government. In the recent past, we have had such crises, neither Sen. Aziz nor the State Governor at that time was on ground to empathise and bring succour to the Victims.

“Sen. Aziz should tell the good people of Adamawa State what measures he took to stem the tide the communal clashes particularly in the Southern part of Adamawa State to which he belongs,” A.T. Shehu writes.

Saad says he has no reason to join issue with a seeming factional party chairman who could not fix the umbrella in his hand to shelter members from being exposed by the leakages as learned from Dr. Umar Ardo and Sen. Abbo, among others.

It is not only Sen Nyako, Sen Abbo who has been unrelenting in challenging Fintiri on good governance and transparency, made similar observation yesterday via his Facebook handle where he “described as insensitive and callous the decision of Governor Ahmadu Fintiri  to attend political event of receiving decamped members of other political party in Adamawa state few days after hundreds of people were killed and many injured in a communal clash in Lamurde and Guyuk local government areas of the state,” Saad says.

Sen Abbo accused the Governor of “dancing on the graves of the people as well as of all the victims of  Shila boys massacre and kidnappings.

”At the time Lamurde is mourning with over 2,800 IDPs.

“At the time Guyuk is mourning with over 3,000 IDPs.

“At the time Shila boys are having field day.

“At the time Madagali was attacked.

“At the time we are facing kidnappers.

“At the time we are still battling Corona.

“Nigeria’s most dociled Governor is talking about decamping.

“What have we done wrong as a people?

“Is politics all that matters?

“Can someone tell Fintiri to please leave politics for now and give us good Governance? Or does he think the Ethno-religious card he played in 2019 will work again?” Abbo would ask.

Saad further says that A.T. is a terrible diversionary teething for alleging ethno-religious sentiment when Nyako simply observed that Adamawa is in a state of mourning owing to the insecurity associated with communal clashes in Lamurde and Guyuk without mentioning any tribe and/or religion involved.

Perhaps, A.T. Shehu was out of this space when Nyako as a senator representing the Adamawa central, visited the villages and towns in both the central, the southern and the northern zones to commiserate with the casualties of communal clashes, where he provided palliative measures before he could also influence the NEMA. Records don’t lie.

2023 is far away from the government that served for just one year and is already drunk on dreaming reelection in three years to come that it lacks the knowledge of who will be alive to see the date.

The N37b loan so fa collected and just within one year of Fintiri’s government, as was alleged, remains unaccounted for.

The Finder news disclosed, N5b loan for building of students’ hostel in ADSU Mubi, N9.9b loan for building of 2000 houses across the state and the most recent N17b loan, approved among others, even when the previous loans are yet to be accounted for.

Fintiri claims credit for RAMP projects because he has nothing to show as a worthy performance within one year when his predecessors he daily accuses, are being eulogised for excellent performances within their one year in office.

It can only be described as hyperbole claiming that it was a state of mass defection from the ADC to PDP when less than 15 rather unpopular members cross carpeted, Saad says.

“Our attention has been drawn to a posting on the social media by Sen. Abdulaziz Nyako where he vent his frustration after His Excellency Rt. Hon. Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri received decampees from the African Democratic Congress (ADC) in to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) at the banquet hall, Government House Yola on the 17th June, 2020.

“Defection are clear indication that the defectors do not see hope in their present Political Party affiliation. The mass defection of ADC members to PDP is not based on conjectures, but is premised on physical and empirical evidence and not a conjecture,” A.T. Shehu writes.

“Celebrating “decampees” ignoring refugees devastated by communal crises in a state of sober reflection? While mourning? In the face of insecurity? At a time when the country is participating in the war against covid-19 global pandemic?

“Well, it isn’t surprising as much as it is normal with this factional PDP. Recall that Fintiri didn’t bother; PDP activities under him as acting governor was unhindered at Lamido Cinema at the same time the BH insurgents were launching assault aimed at occupying Madagali and Michika local government areas where Fintiri hailed from.

“For the so-called “decampees” from ADC, non of them has any popular support; they are the non resistant, backsliders without any air about principle and are critically constrained by defective memory in addition to being blinded by the offer that could not even enrich the party chairman of the party they join chiefly because it is in government.

Serious governors are not talking about defection and 2023 election. Serious governors are rendering good governance to the citizenry, there’s an unserious governor and government in the northeast that talks desperately about decamping and 2023 election in the face of its myriad of challenges and empty promises,”  Aliyu Saad says.

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