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Keep Soda, Take Water To Keep Healthy

By Rukaiya Isa Yahya, FIMDFM

Do you know that drinking enough water can protect you from so many diseases, while drinking too match soda can cause an array of negative effects in your bady, even if the classified diet Soda?

So, why don’t we substitute our usual soda with a bottle of ………WATERMAX…….. It also comes in a sachets.

From the comforts of our homes, to the school cafeteria, to the movies and everywhere else in the planet, soda is there enticing as with its refreshing taste and at the same time releasing its dangerous effects on our system.

For many, taking soda several times a day is normal, while others consider such drinks to be an inseparable part of their lives but unknown to them the delicious liquid actually affects their overall health.

Tday I am going to give you three out of the numerous reasons why you need to cut down your daily intake of soda drinks:

Firstly, soda is very bad for your health because it has a lot of sugar with empty calories.

According to Dr John LA puma Clinical Director of Chef Clinic New York, a single bottle of soda contains an equivalent of 10 teaspoons of sugar.

This sugar is to be turned into calories, which will most likely go straight into your system in form of fat.

So, my dear friends, if at all you care for your bodies and looks, especially for those aiming the perfect figure, soda is a danger zone for you.

Secandly, too much sugar consumption leads to type 2 diabetes.

When we take too match sugar, especially in liquid form, it skyrockets the blood sugar and causes an insulin reaction in the boedy. Over time, this can lead to diabetes or insulin resistance.

Thirdly, soda leads to adverse heart conditions and obesity especially in children.

Research has it that soda contributes to cardiovascular diseases, i.e. heart related diseases like heart failure, heart attack and stroke as a result of excessive caloric intake.

I there urge all of us, especially the seeming soda addicts amongst us, to stop punishing  our systems and make a fast move towards substituting this harmful substance with water.

……….Not just any water but good quality water from a tested and reliable source, produced to meet the needs of all……………

So, what are you waiting for?

Let’s go for the WATERMAX

WATERMAX gives natural, maximum satisfaction; a compass to better health.

You can contact us through 08053372211 Or on Watamax@yahoo. com

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1 Comment

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