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It is the second time he observes Friday prayers at the central mosque close to the palace with his prophetic appointment, in acting capacity, as distinct head and that which he is to remain, pending the determination of the court of appeal.

Muhammad Dalil’s appointment is considered as another blessing; a prelude kind of a beginning of an end to atrocity, complicity to conspiracy and hypocrisy for anarchy against the monarchy in Jalingo-Maiha.

But for the good made out of the security agencies, the fetish, using dangerous rather superstitious weapons, as was reported, to unleash violence in coercing a to be resisted dictatorship for anarchy, would have smeared the mosque and monarchy with what would only befit Satanic verses, a sage would explain.

The antagonists to peaceful coexistence on the march to disorder tens of decades old monarchy are facing criminal charges filed by the commissioner of police with the security agency that is intolerant to any group formed for the disruption of peace.

The continued court hearing, could be the final judgment for the criminal offence, is slated for tomorrow being Monday. That is beside the point.

The qutba for the Jumu’at prayer, in Jalingo-Maiha, has among other calls, urges the Ummah as an entity to unite, live in peace, love one another, be just, honest, generous and abide by what humankind is being created for;

Corroborating the qutba, Dalil the acting district head has directed the Imams and indeed entire worshippers in Jalingo-Maiha that after every obligatory prayers, to embark on du’a (supplication, prayers) against hypocrites, conspirators and anarchists, to seek for Allah SWT to keep such elements away so that peace, love, mutual coexistence, respect for law and constituted authority and an established sultanate typified monarchy can be restored in Jalingo-Maiha.

“This has been the prayer the faithful have embarked upon since the executive superimposition of an odd character as district head of Jalingo-Maiha.

“The prayer is reinforced with result oriented action before the law; to defeat a sitting governor in the court judgement and at the poll, you can be sure that there’s a divine intervention as much as to have Dalil, a dear to peace and established order, as acting district head.

“For Dalil the acting district head to stoop so low before the Creator and request the subjects to join him in prayers for peace against anarchy, conspiracy and hypocrisy in Jalingo-Maiha, you can be sure that, In Sha Allah, his call is an answered prayer.

“Anyone antagonistic to peaceful coexistence and established monarchy using any kind of sentiment for dissension; tribal, religious and/or both, could be for political gain, will soon have no peace and place in Jalingo-Maiha.

“Musa (Moses) AS prayed against tyranny, dictatorship and disbelief in the ancient Egypt. Even though Allah SWT has answered His prophet’s prayer to end the reign of Pharaoh the terror, it took took 40 years for the actualisation, perhaps to test tge patience of people with an in pains.

“There shall be peace by the time Allah SWT will decree that Dalil should pass over the district to the legitimate district head in the fulfilment of a prophecy, ending this stage of the test for patience.

“Until that time, we join Dalil the acting district head, as he joins us in prayers for peace and mutual coexistence against hypocrisy and conspiracy for anarchy in Jalingo-Maiha,” a sage remarked.



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