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Monarchy In Maiha: Herdsmen Pay Homage To The Acting District Head

The Periscope reporter

The population of Fulani herdsmen visited to pay homage to the acting district head of Jalingo-Maiha, Muhammadu Dalil

The herdsmen were said to be those subjugated, exploited and oppressed by the Bindow illegally employed but the high court removed district head of Jalingo-Maiha.

The Bindow employed district head said to have played the despost, suspended the Fulani herdsmen from the grazing reserve allocated to them by the former district head, the late Ubandoma of blessed memory.

The Bindow employed but court restrained district head was said to have illegally, either sold or arbitrarily allocated the grazing area to himself and some of those supporting his intolerable imposition.

Jalingo-Maiha district was said to have suffered scarcity of the supply of cow milk with the act of monarchical tyranny against the Fulani herdsmen who were equally farmers that threatened the ages old, uninterrupted mutual coexistence.

Muhammadu Dalil is a man of peace and justice, a leader to be supported devoid of any air about betrayal or hypocritically criminal tendency, the herdsmen would say.

The highly overwhelmed acting district head, whose presence marked the end of tyranny, dictatorship to the district, complicity to conspiracy for any form of hypocrisy to anarchy against the monarchy in Jalingo-Maiha, thanked the peace loving, peacekeeping Fulani herdsmen for the homage, a honour signifying solidarity.

The herdsmen would have no business with the mosque desecrating despot who aimed at despatching them with hideous cruelty as was tyrannically visited against the peaceful faithful in prayers on a Friday, which resulted to filing criminal charges by the commissioner of police against the sacrilegious tyranny tagged under criminal disruption of peace resulting to inflicting harm on the worshippers, the sage would articulate.

Dalil the acting district head, in his usual spiritual character, requested the herdsmen to join him in the continued prayers before the Creator to shower peace and blessings in Jalingo-Maiha district and to do away with any act of tyranny, anarchy, complicity to conspiracy and hypocrisy against the monarchy in Jalingo-Maiha, the blessed Mecca and Medina put together modelled district.

Dalil is not in Maiha to rule, but to handover the stool to the legitimate district, not village head facing criminal charges, a sage would relate.

“It was said that having succumbed to Idi’s prayer, he was told to decide the court of law he would want the criminal charges filed against him with three others to be adjudicated since twice he has accused the upper area court judges of partiality before the law at a point of judgement.

“To this, he couldn’t offer any answer and the law must take its course,” a sage would say.



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